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  1. ** Changed it myself - Justin and Kyle, this Script is amazing!! this is something you should learn people to use, this is also great for risk management when you want to catch a break out! ten out of ten! Sorry Justin, my head is a little slow these days due to the flu. Ignore my first post. Is it possible to change the script to buy a fixed amount of 100 shares? the stop loss is perfect as it is ! My head is just better at handling fixed shares and when i get better i can change the number as i grow as a trader
  2. Hi Justin, This is something i've been looking for. how will this script look for long/short without the calculated risk% but with manually set stop loss? and how will it look like if its for marked order and limit - short/long. I'm not at the level that i can reverse engineer the ones you have provided, sorry!
  3. apparently the PDT kicks in if you have under the 25k limit.?!? That means im out of this challenge then.
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