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  1. As Pit-Man says, you have to configure the stream deck - all that really means is you enter your scripts in DAS as usual with the hotkey associated, then insert the same hotkey into the stream deck button you want to use for that action. It is super simple. You can make your own button pictures and everything - Pit-Man's got a picture of himself I see. There's a handy thread already on the forum - a few people have already done great work designing and building buttons (Kyle29 etc): Check it out through the link below. I use the medium stream deck and have configured 4 menus. Top menu to launch software and websites, a Long menu, a Short menu and a chart menu.
  2. Which club did you end up in? Was it Egg in the end?
  3. Fantastic to catch up with everyone on Saturday night. Had a great night! Thanks again Pit-Man for organising - you did an awesome job. Thanks Andrew for topping up your jet lag with a trip to see the London (and beyond) BBTers! Great to meet you and your wife! I have to say, these meet-ups are magic...
  4. I really like the improvements you have made - Chartlog is excellent. I have an issue with some trades being listed twice. Is there a way of manually deleting to clean this up? Thanks JC
  5. I am based in Norway in Stavanger. Just over in the UK for a short trip to visit my folks and vote and this landed perfectly...
  6. I can definitely make it on Sunday 15th and could probably make Saturday the 14th.
  7. Pit-man - nice Andrew-Christmas-London-mash-up by the way. Good job!
  8. That works perfectly for me! I am flying back to Norway from Heathrow in the evening so I would have to duck out by 5pm. A BBT Christmas Lunch before my flight would be awesome.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Jan (pronounced Yan) but JC will do. I am British but living in Norway for the last 14 years. I'm an economist working for an oil company, dreaming of escape. The idea of day trading hit me when having a beer with a mate of mine who was developing trading algorithms. It was annoying - here was a geologist doing stuff that maybe an economist should be doing. Anyway, I started to research and found Andrew's books and got hooked. I joined BBT recently (August 2019). I am in the long term planning and sim phase before considering going live. I have to say that the community is excellent. The more you dig the more useful information you discover. At first the classes and then the additional resources, then getting to know the moderators and their individual trading styles, this has all been really helpful. However, dig a little deeper and you find the forums are a gold mine. Members like Kyle with his hotkey scripts, Robert H supporting so many members and showing such empathy, Mike B and many others with the journals and Igor and Adrian with Chartlog, the list goes on and on. People are so incredibly generous with their time and ideas. It really is fantastic. Great community, great people.
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