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  1. Greetings all, Two DAS (latest Oct release, simulating only) questions hoping for help with: 1) I notice Andrew and others have moving X Y gridlines / crosshair that follow the cursor in charts and show additional data on the side and bottom where the gridline goes. If that doesn't make sense and you are familiar with Trading Views charts that's what I'm talking about, see trading views screenshot please. 2) Is there anyway to drag a chart around by holding down the mouse button or other button, again like one can by default in Trading View? I find this more natural than zoom in / out combined with scrollbar at the bottom - which seems to be pretty much how you view them in DAS. I went through the YT tutorial for Andrew's charts and thought that might give me #1 but it hasn't and I can't find the option if it exists, nor have my searches dug up anything on #1 or #2. thanks in advance
  2. I have a screen with 6 charts (3 linked to their own montages and 3 fixed using the Data Config). I typically watch from the open on lower timeframes but would like to flick between 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute quickly as the day progresses. Is it possible to switch the timeframe on a group of charts with a hotkey in DAS?
  3. Hello, After reading How to Day Trade for a Living, and listening to classes 1-5 at BBT, I have a question concerning chart configuration. The chart is from ThinkorSwim (ToS) and not DAS. The attached chart (pdf format) shows EBS on 6/27/16. I configured my chart per the book and classes. However, I feel that it is still too cluttered. Can you briefly review the chart and let me know what, if any, indicators need to be removed or even added. Not sure if I posted this in the correct forum. This is my first post with BBT. BBT EBS June 27 2016 5m Chart.pdf
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