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  1. Thanks JC, this is an amazing work you put together!!! I am currently using Chartlog for my journaling but your work will certainly add to the quality of my Playbook! Keep in touch mate!
  2. Hi PIT-Man, I am very new member and just initiating my journey after reading Andrew's book. It would really be great I can connect with you to get me on right directional path towards this journey. How can I connect with you 1o1 to have more in-depth knowledge. 

  3. Hey Krismerful, welcome to the community! there is no a new London UK meetup scheduled yet but wait and see, we will bring Andrew back to London in 2020, hopefully with his wife, (who loves EDM) this time we will organise a proper party night!!! Few of us have kept in touch since the last meetup, someone has relocated (temporarily) to Mexico, someone is busy with academic studies, others have different priorities and family commitments at present but from March we should think to get together for drinks and general catch up (I am always up for a chat about day trading with a pint of beer in my hand!). Stay tuned and feel free to get in touch whenever you want.... Take Care Pit-Man
  4. You need to set up the desired hotkeys but it is not difficult at all! Below is a link to Aiman's most used scripts for hotkeys, have a look! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zLMOpPymZfydidPuu_e0HXjvMjHCUbUoaWgVWab5DO8/edit
  5. I bought the XL version a month ago and I love it! At the beginning I thought I was cheating, I mean trading without learning difficult hotkeys on my keyboard but really, what is the point if you can send an order by pressing a single button?!! I chose the 32 keys version because I like ALL my hotkeys on a single display without having to switch LONG/SHORT profiles, in case I am trading more than a stock at the same time. Great device!
  6. Guys, Photos of the “BBT London-UK Meetup”: Cheers https://myalbum.com/album/zAB6A7zTpug4
  7. @Khizer H working on the side too, just started, but with a long term goal...…investing in my education and practising, very committed! What about you?
  8. Thank You Khizer H! Easy to organise a meetup when Mr Aziz backs you up the way he did...thank you to Andrew and wife who flew in for 48hrs just to meet us! I am actually from SW London but I am sure we will have plenty of opportunities to meet again, are we a family or what?!!! Take care and say hello to your wife please.
  9. ...you are the only one on the planet without a WhatsApp account Helen! ahahaha
  10. Amazing night with beautiful people! Andrew and wife are awesome, thank you very much for coming and spoiling us the way you did! Lots of photos will follow......
  11. Guys, meet you All tomorrow at 7pm at the "AQUA SHARD BAR", we will have plenty of drinks, beautiful people and a photographer...
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