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  1. Exactly what I wanted to get confirmation on Mars. Many thanks!
  2. Stupid question probably but hopefully can be answered easily. Are the various IB European companies charging the same in terms of commissions and fees and the US / Canadian counterparts?
  3. DC Have you been in contact with IB to follow up on your question. I am also in Norway (and also originally from UK) and currently trading with CMEG and ideally would like to move to IB if these changes are implemented. Cheers JC
  4. Glad you find it useful! I put it together so others can make their own versions with their own setups. You can just add in additional pictures and describe the rules for the setup and build your own playbook... I am still trading in SIM myself so I don't profess to be an expert in any shape or form!
  5. No problem buford7, I hope it helps. I would never claim that this playbook trade planner file is the complete package for trade planning (I am also trading in Sim and still learning every day). I used the file in combination with a wider process as listed below: Watch the BBT pre-market show Build a morning watchlist based on the preferred stocks Check the news for the stocks on the watchlist using Finviz / Benzinga and other sources Identify the major levels of support and resistance starting with the higher timeframes and working down (weekly / daily / 60 minute charts) for the stocks on the list Identify any levels of support / resistance forming in the pre-market and mark those on the charts for the watchlist stocks Check the charts for SPY and QQQ to get a feel for the overall market Build some very basic what-if statements for the stocks on the watchlist e.g. If the stock is in a clear uptrend, wait for a pullback that offers 2R or higher and enter with an ABCD setup on the 2 minute chart, using the 1 minute chart to execute the entry Select the setup from the playbook trade planner to get a visual aid for the setup as the setup is forming Enter the STOP price and the intended entry price for the trade in the Trade planner Check that 2R is possible on the R:R table (there are no major levels that could act as a roadblock before hitting the price for 2R) Run through the checklist of indicators, if the majority of indicators are confirmed then I take the trade This is quite a mechanical approach, but the more I have gone through the steps the more intuitive it becomes and the less I need to refer to the list of indicators as I know what I am looking for. I do find that having a visual aid / example and having a checklist of key indicators / confirmations to refer to has helped me. I have a bit more patience and composure now rather than just jumping into a trade based on hope. Keeping a journal is also extremely valuable. Other useful info available through BBT (which you may already have seen): This forum post was very useful (I used Matthew's pdf files to cross reference the indicators I have included for the setups in my excel file): In addition I would really recommend the success webinars from the BBT mods if you have access to that content. They contain a huge amount of useful advice: https://bearbulltraders.com/lessons/from-the-beginning-setting-up-a-training-plan/ https://bearbulltraders.com/lessons/creating-a-trading-business-plan-mike/ https://bearbulltraders.com/lessons/week-15-peter-day-by-day-trading-plan/ https://bearbulltraders.com/lessons/week-17-peter-journaling/ https://bearbulltraders.com/lessons/developing-your-edge-playbook-through-journaling/ Aiman is scheduled to present another success webinar on 7th October "The Tradebook" which also sounds very relevant so watch out for that. JC
  6. Good to hear the playbook trade planner has been useful. Thanks for the feedback on the analysis file as well. I didn't post the file on this link but I can post it on the forum as a new topic once I have made a couple of adjustments and tested it again. JC
  7. I have created a combined Playbook and Trade Planner that may be of use for some fellow members. I use it myself as a kind of cheat sheet to refer to prior to entering a trade. The idea was to store setups / strategies with picture examples in a single file that can reveal that example with the click of a button. An example of a cheat sheet is shown in the picture. In addition to the pictures of setups I have also defined some indicators / rules for each setup which refresh with the setup selection. I define the indicators on the "Strategy_definition" sheet and add pictures in the (hidden) columns on the "Plan" sheet. When a strategy is selected in cell D8 and the button is clicked, it refreshes the table of indicators and unhides a cheat sheet example picture for that setup / strategy. It is a bit slow to refresh. In addition I have added a trade planner table. I enter my intended STOP and entry price and the intended trade direction (Long / Short) and it refreshes the R:R table which provides me with the price levels that would need to be met to deliver a 2R trade and beyond. I like to compare these price levels to support / resistance levels I have marked on the stock and other technical levels and moving averages to assess the potential roadblocks at various prices. In addition I may throw in a rough trade management plan on a simplified level with Partials planned out. I include some other useful info like RVOL, the direction of the overall market etc whilst planning the trade. As a pretty new trader still in SIM I have found this has helped me to be more disciplined / patient. It also helps journal later as it gives an idea of what I was expecting before entering a trade. I just copy a new "Plan" sheet for every new trade and have one file for the trading day with several sheets. The setups I have included are my interpretation of setups mainly from the moderators success webinars. On that basis, take it as a disclaimer to check that you agree with my interpretation and test in SIM if you plan on using this. The file is an excel document and can be accessed via the Google drive link below. It needs to have macros enabled in order for the button to unhide the cheat sheet pictures to work. I have left some blank fields to allow a longer list of setups to be included. Any feedback, tips or suggestions for improvement are most welcome. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wm5YohE7wgNn69IEGJrUBwBn1x52zPoW/view?usp=sharing
  8. I have a screen with 6 charts (3 linked to their own montages and 3 fixed using the Data Config). I typically watch from the open on lower timeframes but would like to flick between 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute quickly as the day progresses. Is it possible to switch the timeframe on a group of charts with a hotkey in DAS?
  9. This is just a cheat sheet really to help structure the trade better and beat the demons like overly aggressive / early entries. I have added in pictures from matthew's sheets and the mod's success webinars and the indicators / confirmation signals. You just select the setup from a drop down and click the button and it reveals an example picture and the indicator / signal checklist to use as a guide. Most useful for newbies like myself. My analytical journal is waaaaay more complicated and I totally agree it's a right pain doing it with a string of red trades.
  10. Matthew thanks for the info it's super useful! I have been playing with an idea to combine the setup info and a trade planner in excel so I can pull out examples of the setup in picture form with a table of key indicators / rules / confirmation signals as well as a R:R calculator. Would be interested to get feedback on suggestions on it. Link to google drive with the file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PoAgvlTZ5AwVDkcu3ciEhTafGCprnGip/view?usp=sharing The idea is that you define the setup in text in a "Strategy_definition" sheet and add in picture examples in setup columns. You select the setup from the drop-down in a cell and click the button (need to have macros enabled) and it shows an example of the setup and lists the key info a table below. You can use it to check the validity of the setup and plan the trade. Insert the intended trade direction, intended entry price, STOP etc. The table of R:R helps to identify if the setup has a realistic chance of achieving 2R+ and during a trade helps to plan profit taking when combined with technical levels and orders on the L2. I also tend to use it in my journal as a resource to help define the robustness of the setup at the point of entry.
  11. As Pit-Man says, you have to configure the stream deck - all that really means is you enter your scripts in DAS as usual with the hotkey associated, then insert the same hotkey into the stream deck button you want to use for that action. It is super simple. You can make your own button pictures and everything - Pit-Man's got a picture of himself I see. There's a handy thread already on the forum - a few people have already done great work designing and building buttons (Kyle29 etc): Check it out through the link below. I use the medium stream deck and have configured 4 menus. Top menu to launch software and websites, a Long menu, a Short menu and a chart menu.
  12. Which club did you end up in? Was it Egg in the end?
  13. Fantastic to catch up with everyone on Saturday night. Had a great night! Thanks again Pit-Man for organising - you did an awesome job. Thanks Andrew for topping up your jet lag with a trip to see the London (and beyond) BBTers! Great to meet you and your wife! I have to say, these meet-ups are magic...
  14. I am based in Norway in Stavanger. Just over in the UK for a short trip to visit my folks and vote and this landed perfectly...
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