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  1. That’s unfortunate... have you tried a VPN or something I think that might help?
  2. Interesting... did you mean only the lines are delaying but not the numbers?
  3. Yes it was in "Network Status" and you should scroll to the end right there's a "Network Delay"
  4. Thank you Sebastian! you could check your lag at right bottom corner on your Das.... mine is around 75 - 90 ms lag yet can still encounter your triangle and print issue sometime as well....
  5. Hi, BBT folks! Today I've been talking to couple of my overseas friend which located in Asia, one told me her trading software was delayed for 3-6 Sec, even with a VPN on.... I find that topic in general pretty interesting since we pretty much all wants a lifestyle to trade anywhere on the earth... So anyone has experience use DAS outside of the U.S and Canada?
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