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  1. Only one trade this morning, as I have some other stuff to do.
  2. July 14th 2020 Trading WYNN and INMB Took the INMB trade because I am interested in learning more about the opportunities with low-float stocks. This move wasn't quite the gainer I was looking for, but still not bad. I took a failed long position at the open that didn't pan out. But later in the session, I tried it again as the stock passed most of the moving averages in its way. I did pretty good with WYNN yesterday as well, and I figured that big move up from yesterday wasn't going to sustain based off of the pretty much disappearing volume. Went short at the open, and missed the initial drop down, but I stayed patient, added some to the position, and finally made my moves when it took its second trip lower. Decided to go long as it approached the HOD, made a quick 25% partial, before adding some more to the position on a small pullback. Took my profits as the price came up to the SMAs. I need to re-learn strategies involving the convergence or divergence of moving averages, because I seem to find myself in stocks that this occurs in often enough.
  3. @David Gottfried Thanks for the support my man. I'm actually just screenshotting my DAS screen, and then making all the edits on MS Paint. Good ol "Cntrl + Print Screen". Then paste in MS Paint. Then I crop the section of the screen I want, and away I go.
  4. July 13th 2020 Took the short trade on WYNN at the open, because you know people love taking their profits at the open. Failed long trade, then another quick short scalp on the way to the bottom. Wasn't watching the ticker when the initial volume came in at the bottom, but I went long later in the session as volume increased, and it began to clear some of the moving averages. Got out of the position when it hit the pre-market high, although I should have been more patient, as it took another breakout for another 2-3 dollars higher!!
  5. @Justin or @KyleK29 Can I get a quick explanation of the various "ROUTE"s that are used in the hotkeys, and the importance of making sure the right "ROUTE" is selected for certain functions? I have mine set to "LIMIT", but there must be a reason you included the other routes as well. Thanks for your time.
  6. July 10th 2020 Trading with GILD and RCL Woke up to see some news on GILD about a new Covid treatment, and watched the stock price gap up on it. But I'm think these Covid treatment or vaccine trial news breaks aren't having as much of an affect as they previously did, so I decided to go short. While I did make money off the ticker today, I was expecting a little bit more of a sell-off, and that coupled with the overall market kind of just chopping around, didn't yield that results I was looking for. Took the RCL trades based off of where the stock is in the macro trend, and based off of shorter time frame volumes and price actions. The last long trade I took, I loaded up on shares, and it brought me to goal for the day.
  7. @Justin Thank you! So I see the end of the script is what I was missing in mine, namely " TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:MARKET PX:StopPrice-0 ACT:SELL STOPPRICE:AvgCost QTY:Pos TIF:DAY+; ". Now, if I wanted to switch this to a short position function, would I just change that last part of the script from "SELL STOPPRICE:AVGCost" to "BUY STOPPRICE:AVGCost" ??
  8. @Justin Is there a way to accomplish this with scaling in a percentage risk, instead of the set dollar amount risk? I use the 25% and 50% of position scale in function.
  9. Good afternoon all, Is there a way to scale into a trade, long or short, and have the stop set to break-even? Thanks, Andrew
  10. July 9th 2020 SIM Trading Unfortunately, CMEG doesn't always have shares to short, especially in stocks that I tend to follow. However, there were shares to short on RCL, so I took the short side based off of the pre-market action I saw, which seemed overextended ,and I figured there would be profit taking at the open. I also saw a few levels down south that the market liked to work out. Based off the general market sell off while I was trading RCL, I put in some adds as the stock hit these levels. Didn't disappoint. Green day.
  11. July 8th 2020 SIM Trading with NIO and AYRO AYRO is a low float, and I felt like trying out trading a lower float stock. I think I did ok. Based my decision based off of the morning scanners, previous day performance, and the opening volume/price action. Soon as it broke HOD, I went for it. NIO had a great day yesterday, and I based my decision to go long on pre-market based on that. Took some initial profit on the opening breakout, added some good shares during that lower volume pullback, and took my profit as it went up a little more to start consolidation.
  12. July 7th 2020 Went for some scalps this morning. Green day. Should have stayed patient on that UAL trade based off of that falling volume on the consolidation.
  13. July 6th 2020 SIM Trading with MGM I feel like I'm getting better at recognizing the relationship between using multiple time frames, volume, and indecision candles. Took two shorts on MGM this morning, and my plans worked. Over goal with one ticker. Nice.
  14. July 2nd, 2020 LIVE Trade with MGM So I went against a rule I had, which was to stay in SIM for the month, but whatever, I had a good feeling and it was supported by some analytics. I used falling volume to make the overall decision to go short, and I used failing volume on all the pullups to make my adds. I always tried to keep my new adds above my partials, so my average cost and risk would stay in a good range.
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