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  1. August 7th 2020 the Morning's Trades, with DKNG, PENN, and ROKU Mostly HOD Breakout plays. The PENN trade was based off a continuation of yesterday.
  2. August 6th 2020 the Morning's Trades with AAL and PENN Took the AAL trade for a HOD breakout. Took the PENN trade based off of increasing volume, and very uneven Level 2.
  3. the Morning's Trade with $SLV Took this short position based off of reading some macro levels/ MAs on the 15min chart. I still think silver is in a bullish daily/long-term trend, so I figured I made this move on a daily macro pullback.
  4. an Afternoon Trade, with SRNE Took the long position in anticipation of the HOD breakout based off of reading the Level 2 asks as the price approached that level.
  5. August 4th 2020 the Morning's Trades Pissed I missed that initial move on AMD! Happy I did catch a piece of that move past all-time high on silver though.
  6. @tntp45 That's it for today. I'm taking it slow, as I need to get myself out of a sizable hole I dug late last week.
  7. @tntp45 Around 3R. Without partials, it would have been 4R, almost to the penny. My risk was 10 cents per share.
  8. July 27th 2020 the Morning's Trade Took this short play with MGM based off of sympathy move, as DKNG was falling hard but CMEG didn't have any shares for short. Plus, I find MGM to be the most "trade-able" of all the casino/gambling stocks.
  9. July 24th 2020 Last two days, I totally hulked out and lost a good portion of my account. It was very disheartening. But, I am resolved to make day trading my career, so I brushed off the losses, and soldiered on. the Morning's Trades AMD was primed for a good day, so I entered pre-market for a real nice win.
  10. July 21st 2020 the Morning/Afternoon's Trade Took this long play after I noticed some large, stacked asks sitting in the Level 2. Happy I caught most of the meat of the move, but should have stayed a little more patient. Still, it paid for groceries.
  11. July 20th 2020 the Morning's Trades I saw a couple long opportunities with MRNA this morning. First was a long at the open based off of profit taking by pre-market shorts. Second two longs were based off of volume and levels/moving averages.
  12. Just grabbed another HOD breakout trade on MRNA while I was putting together my last post.
  13. July 17th 2020 the Morning's Trades, with RCL and MRNA Took the MRNA trade based off the break of HOD. Stock has been strong as of late. Set a tight stop just below the pre-market high (small-dashed green line). Took the RCL trade based off of what I saw as a weak move back down on the macro level (15 min chart).
  14. Only one trade this morning, as I have some other stuff to do.
  15. July 14th 2020 Trading WYNN and INMB Took the INMB trade because I am interested in learning more about the opportunities with low-float stocks. This move wasn't quite the gainer I was looking for, but still not bad. I took a failed long position at the open that didn't pan out. But later in the session, I tried it again as the stock passed most of the moving averages in its way. I did pretty good with WYNN yesterday as well, and I figured that big move up from yesterday wasn't going to sustain based off of the pretty much disappearing volume. Went short at the open, and missed the initial drop down, but I stayed patient, added some to the position, and finally made my moves when it took its second trip lower. Decided to go long as it approached the HOD, made a quick 25% partial, before adding some more to the position on a small pullback. Took my profits as the price came up to the SMAs. I need to re-learn strategies involving the convergence or divergence of moving averages, because I seem to find myself in stocks that this occurs in often enough.
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