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  1. Hey fellow BBT members! It's been some time since we've been active on this club so let us how you're doing. Andrew is coming to Chicago in the near future, so I'm conducting a poll to gage interest for a Chicago BBT meetup. Please respond to the poll here: https://forms.gle/XjbxHgYK2MUd82an9. It would be great to meet to discuss trading, life in general and have some food and drink. Take care and hope to see you in the near future.
  2. Very cool! Saves me a lot time and effort. Thanks Robert H!
  3. Cover photo by King of Hearts - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=45097185. This post is a required attribute to the author. No reply is necessary.
  4. Due to the current COVID-19 environment we're living under at the present moment, would Chicago BBT club members be interested in doing a virtual meetup (Zoom, Google Hangouts) to talk about day trading and any other topics of interest?
  5. @KyleK29 thank you so much for all of your time and hard work to provide us with exceptional hotkeys! I've been using the previous version with my Stream Deck and find it very useful for entering and scaling trades. I look forward to the updated version and video presentation .
  6. @Norm@Alastair Mowatt Great idea guys! Thanks for trying to move this forward. CMEG's DAS version has a fundamental box, but if you look at the example below there's no data for float. I questioned CMEG's technical support about this and even offered to pay extra to have the float data included, but they just said it was not a feature they were offering at this time. It would save a lot of time from having to jump over to Finviz to get the information.
  7. I got the email this evening regarding SAGESOR. Will give it a try.
  8. Amazing script! I tried it today and felt a mental ease from having to perform share calculations based on %risk on the fly. I wish I could plug into your brain and absorb all that genius . Thank you Kyle!!! -Miguel Angel
  9. That sound good Maciej! Let me get some more feedback from the other members.
  10. Hi Maciej, Let me check in with the group to see if there's interest in having one. Do you have a place in mind?
  11. Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing well! Spring is here (I think) and I wanted to check in if anyone is interested in a meet-up this Spring or Summer to talk day trading and anything else over food and drinks. Let me know so that we can plan. Also, we still hang out on Slack everyday at https://bearbulltraderstalk.slack.com (and on BBT chatroom of course) so stop by to talk or share your trades.
  12. That is insane! It's giving me second thoughts about opening an account with CMEG. Thanks for posting!
  13. Thanks Lee W! Great information and very helpful .
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