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  1. @KyleK29 thank you so much for all of your time and hard work to provide us with exceptional hotkeys! I've been using the previous version with my Stream Deck and find it very useful for entering and scaling trades. I look forward to the updated version and video presentation .
  2. @[email protected] Mowatt Great idea guys! Thanks for trying to move this forward. CMEG's DAS version has a fundamental box, but if you look at the example below there's no data for float. I questioned CMEG's technical support about this and even offered to pay extra to have the float data included, but they just said it was not a feature they were offering at this time. It would save a lot of time from having to jump over to Finviz to get the information.
  3. I got the email this evening regarding SAGESOR. Will give it a try.
  4. Amazing script! I tried it today and felt a mental ease from having to perform share calculations based on %risk on the fly. I wish I could plug into your brain and absorb all that genius . Thank you Kyle!!! -Miguel Angel
  5. That sound good Maciej! Let me get some more feedback from the other members.
  6. Hi Maciej, Let me check in with the group to see if there's interest in having one. Do you have a place in mind?
  7. Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing well! Spring is here (I think) and I wanted to check in if anyone is interested in a meet-up this Spring or Summer to talk day trading and anything else over food and drinks. Let me know so that we can plan. Also, we still hang out on Slack everyday at https://bearbulltraderstalk.slack.com (and on BBT chatroom of course) so stop by to talk or share your trades.
  8. That is insane! It's giving me second thoughts about opening an account with CMEG. Thanks for posting!
  9. Thanks Lee W! Great information and very helpful .
  10. Announcement! The Bear Bull Traders Chicago Group now has a email list and Slack account . If you would like to be added to the group to be kept informed of future events and participate with the Chicago group, please send your contact information to Miguel Angel at: [email protected]
  11. You're welcome Andrew! It was a great honor to organize both meetups for our Chicago group ! The group is enthusiastically committed to meeting on a regular basis to enhance our knowledge base, share trading strategies, and seek constructive advice on trades. We look forward to your guidance and support always. Thank you for joining us in the Windy City!
  12. It is with great pleasure that I can report to the BBT community that the Chicago BBT Meetup Round 2 on August 18th with Andrew Aziz was a complete success ! Thank you Logan Bar and Grill (2230 N. California Ave, Logan Square) for your great service and hospitality ! Thank you all who made it out to our event, especially to our BBT friends from Indiana and Detroit (Wow!) and for all of your amazing participation and fellowship! Last, but not least, a special thank you to the man of the hour, Mr. Andrew Aziz !!! Thank you Andrew for traveling to Chicago with your wife, for sharing with us and answering all of our questions and concerns, and for giving us the hope, not the promise, that we can all make better lives for ourselves and for our families! "I believe becoming a consistently profitable trader just might be the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. Respect the process. You are not entitled to make it. You are entitled to work very hard for eight to twelve months, be trained well, and find out how good you can be. You must believe that you will become great." -Andrew Aziz, How To Day Trade For A Living (pg.230) Amen !
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