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  1. Hi guys Just wanted to share this with you after I bought a mouse that could mimic a lot of shortcuts for charts on DAS trader. I am so excited to trade! I have set mouse shortcuts for 1 min, 5 min and 1d charts that I use. Also, the best thing is that I have set a button to mimic SHIFT on the keyboard so that I can zoom in an area on chart without actually pressing and holding the shift button on the keyboard. This mouse also has a ratchet scroll wheel which means it can scroll freely if you push it hard enough. This makes zooming in and out a breeze. I think the new Logi Master will be coming out soon (later this year) but for now, this is perfect. It's a small change but will make my trading life hell a lot easier. Below is a screenshot of the settings I am using. Hope it helps.
  2. Jay

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    Hey Guys I got this email from CMEG this morning: " We have been working on providing you the best trading experience and to ensure that you have the best and latest technology for trading. As such, we have introduced theLAMPOST route to help you execute trades in record time and at the best price possible. LAMPOST offers unmatched commission rates at $0.004/share, with an ECN fee of$0.0025/trade. This powerful performance and configuration give traders complete control over their trading! " Not sure how this route works and how efficient it is. Alliance is still a better option though as the rate is constant without the route restrictions? Can anyone of you guys who already has an account with CMEG try this route and let us know how the execution is? Thanks!!
  3. Hi Daniel Please go through the BBT website and you will find two overseas brokers under "Trading tools" tab. At present, our community got Alliance Trader and CMEG.
  4. Hey Peter 1. As per my conversation with Alliance, Level 1 is included but total view is another $20 which comes to $145 in total which is comparable to all other broker deals we got. The same is mentioned on their website under Data Fees. I am not sure what is the difference between level 2 and total view. Is there anything extra we get from total view other than level 2? 2. After emailing the application, I called them 2 days after and spoke to a consultant. She was good and helpful and sent me the acknowledgement email the same day. I got the Account details after 3 more days. So in total it took them 5 days. I think the wait time will increase as the number of applications will increase as many of our members will be applying for an account with Alliance. I will be trading in a simulator for another month or so and I believe CMEG will also come with a new competitive pricing structure. I have an account with both the brokers so I am just keeping myself sorted for when I decide to go live. Cheers!
  5. Hey I just filled out the application and mentioned bear bull code in the application itself. There is an option for the code on the first page itself. You can select any trade plan/ software package in the form but in your email to Alliance, mention that you are a member of BBT with the code: bearbull2019 and they will put you on the discounted plan regardless of what you fill in the form. You can leave it blank as well if it allows you. This is what I selected: After sending the form and waiting for a couple of days, I called up the US hotline number on their website and had a chat with an operations consultant. She was very good over the phone and asked me for my name. She then told me that she herself will take care of my application and will put me on the bear bull traders plan. Also, the demo account is not included in the Alliance DAS package by default. Once the account is created, you will need to email/call them to get a demo/simulator account setup alongside the live account (It's free but not included in the package by default).
  6. Hi Brandon This is the reply I got from Alliance. My account is up and ready for funding. Waiting for CMEG to release it's new fees structure and will then decide which broker to go with.
  7. Hi Bryan I got an email from Alliance that my account is approved and good to be funded. I now have active accounts with both CMEG and Alliance. Not sure though where to put my money in. Waiting for CMEG to get us the new fees structure and will then decide whether to go for CMEG or Alliance. If we look at the website and the email response from both CMEG and Alliance, CMEG looks a bit more professional to me.

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