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  1. Looks like the per share commission is better but the minimum ticket commission is $3.95. If you trade large number of shares (>988 shares) to cross that $3.95 mark then SAGSM/SAGSL looks better than the deal we have. Otherwise, we have a better deal at a minimum of $0.5 per ticket
  2. Hey guys Got an email from CMEG that we got a new route SAGSM. Looks good. Better commissions than what we get with the coupon code. I can see that I have SAGSM route in my DAS route dropdown box. Did anyone try this route on 24/07/2019 as looks like they introduced it this morning? If you did or are thinking of giving it a try, please post your feedback. Thanks! Jay
  3. 1: How do you keep the trading emotion separate with all the rest of the life. I live in Australia and work from 9-5. Market opens at 11:30 PM here and I am already tired to death at that time. I try to avoid coffee as I won't be able to sleep if I have one. Also, I go for a workout at around 8-9 PM to get rid of all the job/day stress and start fresh for my trading session at 11:30 PM. Can you please provide your insights on how can I not let my job/life in general stress impact my trading at night? I believe it's comparatively easy if you trade first thing in the morning after a good night sleep but for me trading is at night. Sometimes I make stupid trades at night and after 5-6 hours of sleep, I wake up and feel like I made stupid mistakes just because I was tired/not in the correct state of mind. 2: I started live trading recently. Been a member of BBT since March this year and my live trading is going green for the most part. How can I keep euphoria out of my trading because sometimes I feel like I can trade more and make more specially when I had a green session the day before. Obviously I lose money if I keep trading beyond my 1% profit mark. This happened to me on 23 July 2019 when $KO was in play. I made 1.3% of my account on $KO but then I kept trading and ended up the day 2% down. I know I need to work on my trading psychology as now it will take me more than 2 days to get my account to the level it was previously (based on 1% gain/day) but if you have any feedback/ideas for me to adapt, I am all ears.
  4. Hi there Is anyone of our BBT members living in Australia who is into the BBT style trading? If yes, please reply back to this forum. I don't see many members in our community from Australia. If there are, would love to know them. Thanks!! Jay
  5. Thanks for the update. Report looks good. I think they forgot to fix the ECN fees. We are not getting the ECN at $0.0025 per share but is calculated dynamically depending on the liquidity. Not a deal breaker if CMEG try to fix it without breaking the commissions. Yesterday I paid almost the same ECN as my commissions which is a bit distressing but way better than $3.95 commissions that I was paying for the last few days..also got the reimbursement this morning. If you contact CMEG again, please let them know the about the ECN issue. Thanks for all your support. No doubt CMEG is listening to us specially when you have a contact with the higher authority there. Talking with tech support is a hit or miss. 2/3 times I was served by people who didn't have a clue what's happening and gave false promises but the one guy in tech support I talked to yesterday was very helpful and looked at my trades real time to figure out the route and commissions.
  6. Hi David Ahh that's bad. I have been facing this issue since 7/11 but if you faced this on 7/15 and 7/16 that means that this is getting worse instead of getting better. I have been in touch with CMEG but they told me that they are coordinating with DAS to find a fix. Working in IT myself, I know that this might take a long time as they are not able to figure out the cause of the issue. As per Carlos in the chat yesterday, they should fix it by Wednesday but I am not sure as the response given to me was vague. This is bad as I only started live trading last week with a positive week but then got struck by huge commissions. I will need to take less partials now until CMEG fixes the issue. The weird part is that this is happening to some users and not all the BBT members. Not sure why I am cursed.. lol.. Thinking of moving to Alliance but that will be another 1-2 weeks of process transferring my funds from CMEG to my bank to Alliance. Plus, need to pay the withdraw/deposit fees. The best bet is to give CMEG some time to fix this issue. Until then, limited trades and SIM trading for me. @Carlos M. Relying on you buddy.. You got direct contact with CMEG but we get vague answers from the customer service guys. Hopefully it's back to normal in no time. Thanks for all the help with this issue.
  7. Jay

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    Hey Aagnostic Can you please send through your hotkey script or order template screenshot that you have used for the above trades? Thanks Jay
  8. Hi guys Just wanted to share this with you after I bought a mouse that could mimic a lot of shortcuts for charts on DAS trader. I am so excited to trade! I have set mouse shortcuts for 1 min, 5 min and 1d charts that I use. Also, the best thing is that I have set a button to mimic SHIFT on the keyboard so that I can zoom in an area on chart without actually pressing and holding the shift button on the keyboard. This mouse also has a ratchet scroll wheel which means it can scroll freely if you push it hard enough. This makes zooming in and out a breeze. I think the new Logi Master will be coming out soon (later this year) but for now, this is perfect. It's a small change but will make my trading life hell a lot easier. Below is a screenshot of the settings I am using. Hope it helps.
  9. Jay

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    Hey Guys I got this email from CMEG this morning: " We have been working on providing you the best trading experience and to ensure that you have the best and latest technology for trading. As such, we have introduced theLAMPOST route to help you execute trades in record time and at the best price possible. LAMPOST offers unmatched commission rates at $0.004/share, with an ECN fee of$0.0025/trade. This powerful performance and configuration give traders complete control over their trading! " Not sure how this route works and how efficient it is. Alliance is still a better option though as the rate is constant without the route restrictions? Can anyone of you guys who already has an account with CMEG try this route and let us know how the execution is? Thanks!!
  10. Hi Daniel Please go through the BBT website and you will find two overseas brokers under "Trading tools" tab. At present, our community got Alliance Trader and CMEG.
  11. Hi Bryan I got an email from Alliance that my account is approved and good to be funded. I now have active accounts with both CMEG and Alliance. Not sure though where to put my money in. Waiting for CMEG to get us the new fees structure and will then decide whether to go for CMEG or Alliance. If we look at the website and the email response from both CMEG and Alliance, CMEG looks a bit more professional to me.

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