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    • for the leverage you do not pay an interest if you daytrade. If you close your position before end of the day then you have not borrowed any money. If you keep the money overnight you pay the interest as you correctly counted. you need to know your interest rate if it is per annum or per diem when you count it. Or you try it one day and see the rate on your report 🙂 https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/07/margin_interest.asp
    • hi Philipp, you open an account with IB and only after that you buy DAS and request the account link through here to obtain the special offer for BBT members: https://bearbulltraders.com/request-special-das-package-for-ib-traders/ You can trade with TWS too if you like but it has its limints comparing to DAS. There are no risk controls in TWS and no hotkey scripts so you would need to do everything manually.
    • Hi All, I am also from Germany and have just started here at "bearbulltraders". I wonder which broker is preferred for trading in Germany and especially which ones are offering DAS. As I can see  for now, Interactive Brokers (EU) is only offering the TWS, isn't it?   Any suggestions, recommendations or references?     Thanks a lot, Philipp
    • Week 3 going live trading Futures (ES). Didn't see a setup I liked until minutes before the close today. Momentum was strong and we had a pull back at 9am EST but no entry given and priced move to target. Then a reversal setup occurred that Day Trading Academy refers to as a "TRT" Test-Retest Trade. But volume was so low I didn't think it was a good setup. But the price did drop to my target. Then a false breakout occurred again with low volume which also moved to target. Finally the price broke out dropped and retested and then made a new high. I went long and was stopped out. Then I flipped the trade as a false breakout. After 5 minutes I was losing my cool since I have never been in a trade this near the close so I exited the trade. 5 seconds later the volume flew in and price crashed without me. Hopefully I learned my lesson. Everyone have a good weekend! Rob C  
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