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  1. Hi all, just been catching up on this thread, thanks so much Justin, its outstanding work. I was also just wondering three things please: 1.) The same query as Evan's above - what alteration would be needed to be made to the script in part two of this process to initiate a range order (for 2:1) rather than just a stop, once the position triggers 2.) Are any alterations to the script necessary to allow the orders to be placed in the pre-market, but without them being able to trigger until RTH start? i.e. is that just switching 'Day+' to 'Day' or something similar? 3.) Would this same script work if you place it to act as a buy/stop at a lower price than a stock is currently trading at? For example, if you have an entry point below where a stock is currently trading that you believe it will retrace to, and there is where you would want to enter. Or would the script again need to be changed for that? Sorry for all questions, trying to learn some of this on my own, but wondered if an easy way to confirm in meantime. Many thanks!
  2. Hey Jay, I'm in NZ, which is semi-close at least! I'm back after a few months in the UK, and now trying to find some decent software to try trade the ASX on. Have you been using anything at your end?! DAS is great, but obvi no good for anything outside of the US... And I'm not sure I can deal with the late nights/super early mornings needed to try trade Nasdaq stocks from here! Cheers, Dan.
  3. Sorry guys, next weeks intercontinental move has just become too manic to be able to make it. Hope you all have a blast though!
  4. Hey Andrew, I might well be around. But afraid will just have to go down as a maybe for now - as I'm actually moving back to NZ the week after so will need to see how crazy life admin is at that point..! Will be able to confirm next week, but will do my best to be able to make it - be great to grab a beer and say hey. Hopefully there will be some others, but I've not come across too many UK based members myself in the last few months. But yep, will get back soon as I know my end. Cheers!
  5. DanW


    Haha, thanks Markus! And I'll hopefully be back in NZ in April, so a little closer at least Cool, well I'm still plugging away at looking into some ASX trading options and will keep you and the group informed if I have any luck applying the set-ups we all use here! Otherwise I'll ust be setting the alarm for 3am... Cheers, Dan.
  6. DanW


    Hey Aussie Group, I hope you don't mind me joining up - I've been living in NZ for the last few years...I'm guessing that's close enough! I'm back in the UK for a few months, getting myself up and running with trading, but am likely to head back to the southern hemi Q2, and was just wondering if you guys tend to apply any of the set-ups to ASX stocks? And if so, whether you've found there's been enough volatility/volume/liquidity to trade successfully..? I'm still keen to keep on the Nasdaq stocks, but as you guys are no doubt aware, time diff is not ideal, and be good to trade something a little more 'lifestyle friendly!'. Cheers, Dan.
  7. New aspiring Trader.  Recently reverted back to UK based after 3 years in NZ.  15 years private client Investment Management experience previously (long-only).

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