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  1. Hi all, I am looking for a trading buddy or to join a small group of traders with similar experience and trading style. I primarily scalp options but also have been trading shares recently on the larger cap names. I focus on tape reading around techinical levels for entries and am only able to trade the first 90 minutes. I have about 2+ years experience and am a breakeven trader currently and feel myself stalling out. Looking for a buddy/group to hold each other accountable and push each other as traders in a supportive manner. Possibly create a discord where we could talk through things etc. If any of this resonates with you then i would love to hear from you. Regards, Nader
  2. Hey Mitch, I am looking at the same week for scalps. Yeah the spreads can be a killer. I try to trade the options with the highest volume or open interest to negate the spread as much as possible. That's the tough thing about scalping options, a trade that would be breakeven if trading the stock will most of the time be a loss on the options trade. Some stocks i dont think are really tradeable as scalps as much as i would like to trade them at times because of their spreads (e.g SPOT, SHOP). Let me know how you go, i'm keen to connect with more options scalpers and learn of each other!
  3. Hi Lucian, Hope you've been well! I've been scalping options the last couple months. I am still looking for stocks in play when selecting options to trade for the day. I will say that i am trying to focus on a core group of 10 larger cap stocks and trade them when they have news or RVOL is high as i know that liquidity in them is good e.g TSLA. This also helps me to understand how each of these stocks trade which i have also found beneficial. Hope that helps!
  4. Hi guys, i am currently with IB and subscribe to their market data packages. If i now subscribe to the DAS platform with the $150 data package, can i confirm that i don't need to subscribe to the IB market data packages any longer thanks in advance Nader
  5. Hi Markus, I also have an IB account.I am trading a small account but only have traded the ASX so far on IB so was not aware of this issue. Not sure of any other brokers that offer margin accounts for the US. Only alternative is possibly CFDs but you are probably already aware of risks etc. cheers Nader
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