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  1. The Solution is: You have to create a new layout from Scratch, and in the Option Trader window "settings" select/ tick the option: "Link Options Chain to Windows Group" explanation in the Screenshot Attached
  2. Hi guys, I'm having this issue with my TWS, on Options Trader when I press either C or P next to Strike Price, the option is not activated or loaded, for example in the Quote Details Window so I can then use the hotkeys to place orders. I've attached a PDF describing the issue better I hope, and explanation bellow: Issue: In Options Trader when I click on C (Call) next to the Option Strike Price it does not activate or load on the Quote Details window that Option, although the two windows are linked, so I can't use the hotkeys to place orders. I have not tried Options Trader before on TWS so this would be my first time, I've always been using stocks on this platform using Book Trader. To note that if I use Options Chain and I click on the C (Call) or P (Put) the Strike is loaded into the linked windows like Quote Details, but not on when I use Options Trader. Is there a setting for this? Anyone else having this issue? I know at least it used to work like that. I want to use Options Trader so I can use hotkeys to place MID Price Orders. See attached PDF with screenshots. Thanks! BBT Options Trader Issue.pdf
  3. Sounds exactly like what I need, Thanks Peter. I shall call you DAS GURU! Cheers!
  4. Thanks a lot! cause I want to learn... "CXL ALLSYMB" is canceling all orders on that ticker first and then executes the rest of the script? i.e. Cancels current order and then puts in a new order as specified by the script if I leave it like this? CXL ALLSYMB;ROUTE=LIMIT;Price=Bid ;Share=3;ACCOUNT=TRIBT43217;TIF=DAY;BUY=Send doing the test it seems so...just trying to learn the logic of building scripts now Thanks Peter!
  5. Well, atm using Limit Orders, to limit entry price as these stocks I’m trading can move quite a lot in a second… I am day trading, specifically scalping high beta stocks, they can move very wild, I am entering BUY Limit Order but when the stocks are moving fast Happens that order doesn't get filled, but if I still like the trade and the price and I’m not in the zone of chasing it I want to have the hotkey to replace the order, instead of canceling it and enter again, if it makes sense. I get filled most of the time, not the biggest issue, but want to have a solution for when I’m not getting filled.
  6. Any traders from Western Australia that would like to meet up? Recently moved from Victoria to WA, would be good if we setup a meet now and then... cheers! Lucian Dinu DM or Facebook, Instagram.
  7. Q: How do I create HOTKEY to REPLACE / Refresh Order to the new Price in DAS Trader ? I am looking for a Hotkey command / script so when Hotkey it's pressed it is replacing the order already sent, pending to fill, to the new price - I think REPLACE command needs to be used (???) Example: I send order to buy on the BID, but the price moves higher quickly, I still want to get in the trader at the New BID price, so I press the REPLACE Order hotkey, that refreshes the order price to the new current Bid. Thanks !
  8. To complete the rider agreement DAS Trader - Interactive Brokers IBKR: the first two slots is today's date the third slot is DASTRADER and the forth slot is you U account numbers you will only sign the customer side and upload, don't worry about IB side signature, it will be sent after upload to IB to fully connect the account
  9. Hi Guys, Interested in Scalping options, sharing your knowledge on this is much appreciated. First thing that I would like to understand is how do you choose/select options to scalp for the day.
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