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    • I definitely support this idea. This could be a sort of missing link for some of us. Currently, I see a lot of great trades, methodology, and analysis which I appreciate a lot. I don't see much in the way of sharing of equity curves over the months and years as someone gains consistency. I think there would be a lot to learn from that and it could be enlightening to see the realities of the learning curve good and bad from different perspectives. I think there was a webinar similar to this done recently actually, but I don't see it posted anywhere yet and I wasn't able to catch it live due to my time zone.
    • My best and worst HOD break trade from September 18th, 2020
    • I am a novice at OneNote, so I don't know how to share my template from there. I would be happy to share it if you tell me how, lol. Attached are a couple of screen shots of  my 1MinOrbDown TradeBook setup.   It's basically two different "table" inserts, both 1 row, 2 columns Top table is for pictures of my trades that I screen shot every day. Second table is my criteria, trade entries and exits, then Psychology and what I could have done better   Screen Shot of Template Screen Shot of full page, IDK why its so blurry on this. It won't look like that in your OneNote.
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