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  1. When I login into the simulator version, it kicks me out of the real version. Is there anyway I can keep logged in into both versions?
  2. How long does making the backup copy take? I just kicked it off... it says 8 hours 30 min remaining... NM the above post. I had a few DAS recording files. Once I took them out, the download took no time at all..
  3. that is the repeated buying pressure, imo. Someone like Thor typically enters there. Those entries don't always work for me, but Thor (and sometimes Brian too) take those with high success
  4. Jarad, what does VA stand for? Is it volume average?
  5. Technical / Execution Things that went good 1. Had a plan and stuck to it Opportunity for improvement 1. Better partials 2. Entry should be at the bottom of a mini trend, not at the top; or, stop should be wide Emotional 1. Need to get better sleep
  6. I found the execution of this incredibly hard. I sat on my hands for the first 15 minutes, and today most of what I was watching dumped in the first 15 minutes. And I found myself shorting things right at or slightly abvoe VWAP as the action at open made me short biased. I ended the day down 3R. I definitely overtraded today which is the demon I am fighting Grade: Needs improvement Biggest area of improvement: OVertrading REsult: - 3R Observation of the day: When the SPY was going up, because of the dump at open, I was still short biased. Market overrides everything Conclusion: Need to adapt R goal with market and tape. Still not given up on the idea. But this volatile market demands less rigidity, perhaps.
  7. 2 up and down. 1 min candles early in the day and 5 min candles later int he day. ticker goes up, pulls back, goes up to a new high and pulls back to a higher low
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