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  1. good idea! i will certainly do that and get them on the case thank you!
  2. Thanks Aiman for the reply. yes, I've done the shading and I've just unchecked the premarket data for the 15 min chart... would be nice if there was a feature when premarket turns off once the market opens..
  3. Hi Everyone, I have pre-market data set up on my charts, but I want to hide it once the market is open. Is it possible in DAS? thank you! Kinga
  4. Thanks Abiel for the reply! yes, I get the exact same error message! I'll send them an email. thank you!
  5. Hi Guys, I am in sim, however, since last night I can't log into DAS. I keep getting an error msg" Lost Connection to Order Server". i have restarted DAS and restarted my laptop since. I've tried to switch servers in File > Switch Quote Server , but I have no access. Any ideas, thoughts? thank you! Kinga
  6. Hi Marek, Thanks VERY much for your detailed reply. i really appreciate the time you took to reply! i have narrowed my trading style down to ORBs. Luckily, i live on the west coast, so i can trade for an hour before i have to head to work, but that really leaves me with trading the open. which, actually fits my relentless style... i seem to get bored 30 mins in... while, i am just a beginner, i have identified my trading style and it is trading the opens... for now, i'm working on the ORB's and trying to find what time frame suits me the most. I get bored on the 15 mins, so it has to be 5 mins or under.... I'm only focusing on ORBs and using 1, 2, 5, 15 mins charts. lets' see what tomorrow morning brings.:) thanks again! Cheers, Kinga
  7. Hi Guys, I've noticed that many of you were done in 10 mins into the day today (June 26) in the chatroom, so I was wondering what ORB strategy you were using. I promised myself to wait for a 5 min ORB, then I saw AMD, MU and NVDA taking off as an ORB on 1 and 2 minute. Then I looked at the 2 mins charts, and further noticed the beautiful setups in premarket, just around at 9:28 am. I am just wondering if anyone is using the premarket for an ORB? I'm going to give that one a go tomorrow morning...
  8. i'm juggling two birthday parties that day, but if it is after 3 pm, i should be able to make it.
  9. Thanks Robert! I have set it up. i got a reply back from DAS as well, as i was hoping to see % and $ value measurements between my starting and ending points... that's not something that's available, sadly... even tradingview has it, so I'm hoping one day it will become available at DAS
  10. so, i tried the one suggested above, but didn't quite work for me the same way as TC2000. Not gonna lie, TC2000 is a beautiful charting program. I have sent an email to DAS to see if they are planning on releasing a measuring tool similar to TC2000. i love being able to measure a candle in each and every timeframe with just one quick click... it just helps me with a quick assessment for risk/reward...
  11. Thanks for the quick reply! I think I understand now what you are saying; the 3 monitor setup as a whole will be saved as a new layout... I'm going to give that a try! thanks again!
  12. Hello, I have 3 monitors and I would like to have different DAS layouts displayed on each. How do I set them up? For example: I'd like to have my main monitor display the main trading screen, and the other two monitor to display 3 stocks in various timeframes with their montage attached. I understand I can pop out a chart, but it doesn't help if i have to set up a new layout every time... thank you, Kinga
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