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  1. Thank you, Kyle for your response! In the meanwhile I figured out my issue, which was the lack of BP in SIM after I restored my settings; and because of that, your hotkeys wouldn't work in SIM, therefore, I didn't even attempt to give LIVE trading a go. Once DAS helped me sort it out, life returned back to normal. thanks again for your time! Happy Holidays!
  2. Hi Rob, thank you very much for taking your time to reply. I really appreciate it. it was kind of you. I've never had those issues before that you are describing with the hotkeys. My orders simply wouldn't take in SIM after I accidentally restored my settings. I ended up contacting DAS yesterday and I heard back. As it turns out, the issue was that my SIM buying power was also reset with my settings, thus based on a 25K SIM buying power my trades with Kyle's hotkeys wouldn't go through. and because I couldn't resolve the issue in SIM, I never dared to try it out in LIVE. I know, the solution was right in my face, and I just couldn't see it. Needless to say, I'm very glad to be back on track and grateful for this group and for your reply! Happy holidays! Kinga
  3. Kyle, I accidentally restored my settings (not realizing I didn't have a backup) and lost the ability to use Your hotkeys. I can reload them to the hotkey file (can use Thor's), but when I double click on the chart where I want to place my stop and and then click on the montage, nothing happens. I set up my settings originally over a year ago, and have no idea where to start. What am I missing? any other standard hotkeys work, cancel, buy fixed share size, etc. but not Your dynamic hotkeys. I have the the "order entry and order line movement" enabled in "chart area config". I do use a streamdeck, but even the hot keybinds don't work on my keyboard. this has been beyond frustrating and I appreciate any help and suggestions. thank you!
  4. Kinga, nice to meet you! I just read your post about ORB strategy. After one year, could you share me if you had good results?  Thank you! 

  5. good idea! i will certainly do that and get them on the case thank you!
  6. Thanks Aiman for the reply. yes, I've done the shading and I've just unchecked the premarket data for the 15 min chart... would be nice if there was a feature when premarket turns off once the market opens..
  7. Hi Everyone, I have pre-market data set up on my charts, but I want to hide it once the market is open. Is it possible in DAS? thank you! Kinga
  8. Thanks Abiel for the reply! yes, I get the exact same error message! I'll send them an email. thank you!
  9. Hi Guys, I am in sim, however, since last night I can't log into DAS. I keep getting an error msg" Lost Connection to Order Server". i have restarted DAS and restarted my laptop since. I've tried to switch servers in File > Switch Quote Server , but I have no access. Any ideas, thoughts? thank you! Kinga
  10. Hi Marek, Thanks VERY much for your detailed reply. i really appreciate the time you took to reply! i have narrowed my trading style down to ORBs. Luckily, i live on the west coast, so i can trade for an hour before i have to head to work, but that really leaves me with trading the open. which, actually fits my relentless style... i seem to get bored 30 mins in... while, i am just a beginner, i have identified my trading style and it is trading the opens... for now, i'm working on the ORB's and trying to find what time frame suits me the most. I get bored on the 15 mins, so it has to be 5 mins or under.... I'm only focusing on ORBs and using 1, 2, 5, 15 mins charts. lets' see what tomorrow morning brings.:) thanks again! Cheers, Kinga
  11. Hi Guys, I've noticed that many of you were done in 10 mins into the day today (June 26) in the chatroom, so I was wondering what ORB strategy you were using. I promised myself to wait for a 5 min ORB, then I saw AMD, MU and NVDA taking off as an ORB on 1 and 2 minute. Then I looked at the 2 mins charts, and further noticed the beautiful setups in premarket, just around at 9:28 am. I am just wondering if anyone is using the premarket for an ORB? I'm going to give that one a go tomorrow morning...
  12. i'm juggling two birthday parties that day, but if it is after 3 pm, i should be able to make it.
  13. Thanks Robert! I have set it up. i got a reply back from DAS as well, as i was hoping to see % and $ value measurements between my starting and ending points... that's not something that's available, sadly... even tradingview has it, so I'm hoping one day it will become available at DAS
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