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  1. Hi, I recently joined bearbulltraders and wonder if someone does have a set-up Dastrader/Interactive brokeer which allwos you to trade in ASX/Australia and Europe (LSX, Xetra, etc.). I am based here in Perth/WA. Thanks for helping me out. Cheers Manfred Here is my mail to their support team: ---------------------------------------------- From: Manfred Beiter Sent: Tuesday, 23 February 2021 10:02 To: support@dastrader.com Subject: Trading with Dastraderpro/Interactive Broker for markets in Europe and Asia/Australia Hi, I am a live time member from Bearbulltraders.com and do have a trading account with Interactive broker (in Australia). I am based in Australia and trade in Europe as well. I kindly ask the following questions: If I buy Dastrader and integrate it with Interactive broker can I still trade in markets such as Australia (ASX), Europe (e.g. Xetra) and UK (LSE)? Are there any limitations for that set-up in terms of DASTRADER functionality (e.g. simulation)? Interactive broker told me that trading via Mosaic/Webportal from them will be disabled once I ask for the Dastrader integration. Regards Manfred
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