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  2. Hi, I recently joined bearbulltraders and wonder if someone does have a set-up Dastrader/Interactive brokeer which allwos you to trade in ASX/Australia and Europe (LSX, Xetra, etc.). I am based here in Perth/WA. Thanks for helping me out. Cheers Manfred Here is my mail to their support team: ---------------------------------------------- From: Manfred Beiter Sent: Tuesday, 23 February 2021 10:02 To: support@dastrader.com Subject: Trading with Dastraderpro/Interactive Broker for markets in Europe and Asia/Australia Hi, I am a live time member from Bearbulltraders.com and do have a trading account with Interactive broker (in Australia). I am based in Australia and trade in Europe as well. I kindly ask the following questions: If I buy Dastrader and integrate it with Interactive broker can I still trade in markets such as Australia (ASX), Europe (e.g. Xetra) and UK (LSE)? Are there any limitations for that set-up in terms of DASTRADER functionality (e.g. simulation)? Interactive broker told me that trading via Mosaic/Webportal from them will be disabled once I ask for the Dastrader integration. Regards Manfred
  3. Hey everyone, I'm based in Sydney. We should do a meetup here once the COVID restrictions ease! Mike
  4. I called Interactive Brokers yesterday and they said it's possible to get margin up to A$25k. It requires a credit check though. Have you tried CMEG - I'm planning to give them a go.
  5. Thanks Justin. @Justin This clarifies everything.
  6. Ah! There it is Stop Orders don't work in the pre-market.
  7. Thanks Justin. @Justin I gave a try again by manual entry and hotkey as well. But could not figure out where I am making the mistake. Can you please help me with this? I bought SPY 100 Shares @ 306.94 during pre-market and placed the Stop Market order using the hot key ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;StopPrice=AvgCost-0.1;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send. Which then placed the Stop Market Order at SM:306.84 (0.1 less than the avg cost). Even though the ask price went below the SM:306.8, order was not executed. I am not sure where i am making the mistake. @Gopi Mani Cheers, Gopi
  8. Hey Gopi, Unless I haven't had enough coffee this morning... I'm thinking that something is backwards. In your photo you're LONG from 12.75, and you've placed a sell order above your price at 12.83. You don't have a stop loss set, which would have to be below your AvgCost of 12.75. Also make sure you use the @Gopi Mani function if you want to grab my attention. I sometime miss posts, but this way I'll get an alert!
  9. Hi Justin, I still have issues with all the stop order types. Please see the screenshot below. I placed the stop market order @ 12.83. My order is accepted but not triggered even after the price went below 12.83. Cheers, Gopi
  10. Dear Fellow Aussie Traders, I was wondering which broker you are using. I ask because it seems I haven't had much luck with the ones I had chosen. First, I was with Interactive Brokers, which apparently don't offer margin accounts for Australian residents (see the first topic I posted a while ago). I switched to Alliance Trader, which were fine so far, however, in March or so they told me that due to the current market situation, they will switch my account to a Cash account. That means that I can't short stocks or use margins, and any trade will reduce my buying power for the day - in short, this makes it impossible to trade. I have sent them an email, which they haven't responded to (yet). I was wondering if this is an Australian regulation because it seems no one else at BBT is affected (I couldn't find any thread about this in the forum). Thank you all in advance for your help! Cheers, Markus
  11. Hey Gopi, You should have full trading capabilities. Make sure your Montage Style is correct. Right click on the montage at the bottom and click Style > Stop Order It should look like this:
  12. Hi Justin, I am currently placing orders manually and can only place market orders using Demo account. Do you have difficulty in placing limit orders and stop orders manually using Montage in SIM? Hope the simulator should have full access to all features. It looks like the network delay to the NASDAQ server from Australia is between 200 to 350ms. In one of the DAStrader youtube video, they have mentioned that the delay should be less than 200ms. Gopi.
  13. Hi Gopi, What are you using to place the orders? Are you using a HotKey? If so what is the script? My network delay fluctuates between 200 - 350ms which I have found to be fine so far. I'm also using a SIM account. Justin
  14. Hi Guys, I am currently trying DAStrader Pro Demo – Free Trial and experiencing issues in placing stop orders. I am not sure that this feature is disabled in Demo account. Do you guys have any idea? Also I would like to know the best network delay for Demo account and real account? Network delay using my demo account is approx 250ms. May I know what your network delay from Australia is? My internet download speed is 95Mbps. To check this settings, please double click the symbol located at the bottom right corner of the DAS trader window and check the network delay column to the right in the pop up window. Cheers, Gopi
  15. Hello everyone, I am Gopinath, joined couple of days back and based in Brisbane. Cheers, Gopi
  16. Hi Jay, My name is Justin and signed up yesterday, based in Melbourne.
  17. Hi Jay, I also signed up 3 months ago and have been trading in SIM. I am in Melbourne.
  18. Hi Jay, I joined up about 3 months ago when I was living in the U.K. Moved back to Aus recently and living in Perth.
  19. Hey Jay, I'm in NZ, which is semi-close at least! I'm back after a few months in the UK, and now trying to find some decent software to try trade the ASX on. Have you been using anything at your end?! DAS is great, but obvi no good for anything outside of the US... And I'm not sure I can deal with the late nights/super early mornings needed to try trade Nasdaq stocks from here! Cheers, Dan.
  20. Hi there Is anyone of our BBT members living in Australia who is into the BBT style trading? If yes, please reply back to this forum. I don't see many members in our community from Australia. If there are, would love to know them. Thanks!! Jay
  21. DanW


    Haha, thanks Markus! And I'll hopefully be back in NZ in April, so a little closer at least Cool, well I'm still plugging away at looking into some ASX trading options and will keep you and the group informed if I have any luck applying the set-ups we all use here! Otherwise I'll ust be setting the alarm for 3am... Cheers, Dan.
  22. Hi Markus, I also have an IB account.I am trading a small account but only have traded the ASX so far on IB so was not aware of this issue. Not sure of any other brokers that offer margin accounts for the US. Only alternative is possibly CFDs but you are probably already aware of risks etc. cheers Nader
  23. Hi guys, I was wondering if you have experience with an Australian margin account. I opened an account with Interactive Brokers without realising that they are not offering a margin account for Australian residents. Do you know a work around for that? What kind of accounts do you have? Thank you in advance for your input! Cheers, Markus
  24. markust


    Hi Dan, I'm sure everyone welcomes you in the Aussie Group although you're in the UK now ;o) I haven't traded anything but NYSE myself but I agree that the time difference makes it quite hard to trade... Cheers, Markus

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