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  1. Ah nice. I am in the south eastern suburbs (Bentleigh). Happy to catch up some time for a coffee.
  2. Hi Yugen, I also live in Melbourne. Where abouts are you? Warren
  3. Thanks. Are OTC Markets as relevant as the others for NASDAQ and NYSE Stocks?
  4. @sawtooth500 Thank you for this information, it was very helpful. I am a new trader and have been using the DAS Simulator since I started. I have an account with TradeStation and would like to match the Level 2 data I see on the DAS Montage with what Tradestation offers. I have attached a photo of what they have. Couple of questions based on your info. I have highlighted what data I need to subscribe to. In your opinion is that all I need or do I also need OTC, BATS & Direct Edge books, NASDAQ BX Total View? I dont see an option for IEX Deep in Tradestation or is that included in one f the other packages? Cheers Warren
  5. Hey @Martin D @PeterD, I also live in Melbourne. Peter I live about 10 min from where you were based. Must of drove by multiple times on the way to the beach.
  6. Welcome @Lorin Stoll, love your back story.
  7. Hi Jay, I also signed up 3 months ago and have been trading in SIM. I am in Melbourne.
  8. Hey Justin, I joined about 3 months ago. Im also from Melbourne. Are you a member? Warren
  9. Hi everyone, I'm Warren. Just joined the lifetime membership. I'm new to trading so I am really looking forward to learning as much as I can. I'm from Melbourne, Australia. I'd love to connect with other Australian traders in the community. If you are one or know of any definitely let me know. All the best Warren
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