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  1. So TI is sending out marketing emails offering the Holly test drive next week for about $9 I think... in their marketing emails they are mentioning that you will also have the option to try autotrading with Holly. I thought this would be a great opportunity to test it and see how valid my above concerns were, but unfortunately after signing up I was told by the TI support team that autotrading is NOT included in the test drive contrary to what their marketing emails say... so if anyone else was thinking about trying this you won't get the auto trading feature in the test drive.
  2. These are some follow up questions from William's instructional video: Can you please confirm: The red in this video (selling pressure) are trades executed at the BID price setting in DAS, and the green in the video are trades executed at the ASK price setting in DAS
  3. Where is the signup link for that swing trading newsletter? Today in the chat it was said that it was in the swing trading section of the website, but I can't find it there....
  4. So as of late trade ideas has been pushing their automated trading with their AI, Holly. I'm skeptical to spend the money to buy in to that as in my past dabbles with Holly she does great on paper but not so much in real life. Has anyone here tried the automatic trading with Holly? I sent TI an email expressing my concerns to them, and to say the least their response was not very reassuring.... What I wrote to them: And here is their reply: Thoughts?
  5. Where is the latest TI scanner settings file? Abiel, I know that you provided a link to it in this FAQ originally but that link no longer works.
  6. See the below screenshot, it's 9:30 AM PBR on 5-24-18. I saw it going down... it had volume. At 9:33 I saw a pullback with less volume... then at 9:24 I saw it stalling with even less volume I and I thought... ok opening range breakdown so I went short. At 9:35 it was still lingering, so I thought maybe the pullback isn't complete and I added to my short position, and then it turned against me and it went long. I got out too late, and then I reversed to a long position. So I thought that all the signals were here for an opening range breakdown, but I was wrong. Where was I wrong in my thought process?
  7. When getting speedtrader, would you recommend ETC or COR clearing? I know that they are two different clearing companies, but I'm really not sure about the pros/cons of each or which is better to get. I know the commission structure is slightly different between the two, but in the long run that's negligible and both cheap when making good trades.
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