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  1. Any meetup for this July 4 in Florida ?

  2. Thor

    NYC Meetup with Thor

    Hey Everyone! I'm going to be in NYC for my 40th Birthday. I was thinking about a little get together on the 3rd. We are Meeting up with @Andrew Aziz, @Carlos M., @Mike B, and Myself. Location is going to be the "Three Monkeys Bar" one W 54th St. We have an entire floor and outdoor patio with a private cash bar and food. Hope to see you there. Please RSVP by commenting below so I can get a head count. Thanks! Thor
  3. It all works let's find out what Andrew thinks as far as dates go. Otherwise Seems like the Tampa area has lots of support. There's also Daytona Beach, FL which has great beaches, hotels, and nightlife and it's very accessible. Just to throw one more location in the hat. Thor
  4. I’m in ST. Augustine but anywhere in FL is fine with me. My kids birthdays are both in October. So got to be a little careful there.
  5. Hello BBT Family, I've been trading now for a little under a year and must admit I've only been with Bear Bull Traders from the beginning. After reading Andrew's book I tried the room out, liked it, and never looked back. Now that I'm approaching a year. I thought it would be a fun topic to see what everyone else was looking for in a chat room when they came to Bear Bull Traders. Your experience can be from any chatroom, actually I'd really enjoy hearing about other rooms as well, however please no negative stuff. Just looking specifically for things that drew you in to a particular room. For example: One of the things that drew me to BBT was the structure of that Chat. I like that they have a premarket show, then Andrew trades the open for all the opening range traders, then other moderators with varied trading strengths come on throughout the day to help during specific time frames. So I knew I'd have activity and guidance all day. Hope you all enjoy the topic. And stay Green. Thor Young - Lifetime Member @ BBT
  6. Just curious about what everyone is doing as far as when you put you are a day trader on your social media? For instance let's take Facebook. If I put in Day trading it try's to link me to some german created group. Does Bear Bull Traders have a group or something we could use for that? Thanks Lifetime Member Larry Young
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