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  1. set stop loss for market price instead of limit price is super dangerous..it likes you give a blank check to others people to take your money away...Premarket and after market, volume is thin or not much liquidity so it is hard to get out of your position. A small buy or sell can push the price up or down big.....Alerts play big roles..set bunch of alert then when it alerts you, get out
  2. Hi Justin,

    I saw some green and red arrows pointing up and down in some of the moderator chart. I am wondering what that is and how to show them in DAS? Is it some type of indicators?

    1. Justin


      Hey @letfox

      They are signifying when moving averages cross each other. Sometimes that signifies a reversal in direction.

      If you right click on your chart > Study Config these are the settings I've set:


    2. letfox


      🙏 so much. 

  3. Hi everybody. I am currently working full time as a registered nurse in CA, USA and I am new to stock and day trading/ swing trading. I have the JP Morgan manage my investment account and money and pay yearly fee for the service. Recently, Chase has a new service for the private client to open the You invest/YouTrade account and all the stocks transactions through this account will be free. I started to buy and sell stocks 2 weeks ago. At first, I did not read any instructions, book or watch you tube video about trading. I just randomly picked the stock that I like and bought it. I won some money with Tesla, Uber and Lyft when I first started. This made me think trading stock and making money by trading is easy. Just last week, I tried to trade with the penny stock and started losing money since I did not know how volatile this type of stocks are. I am currently a bag holder for 3 pharmaceutical company type of stocks. I bought them with big volume (>10K per each) and since the price dropped really low, I am stuck with them :-). Anyway, being a bad holder motivated me to find sources online to read and watch. I came across Andrew's book yesterday and got hooked. I know the reasons why I lose money now. I learn that trading is not easy as I thought. I wish I read Andrew book and learn how to trade before I started using the real money. My goal is to become Day trader/Swing trader since I want to work less and I am really serious about it. I am a workaholic and I have been working crazy for the past 12 years. I work non stop, long hours and hold multiple jobs at the same time. I would like to slow down and take it easy. I found that day trading is fascinating. I love the new field and the new language. I believe I have what it take to become a profitable day trader. I would like to learn from the professional trader to better myself. I love to challenge myself to be a profitable traders. I hope I head to the right direction. Please teach me and guide me, Thao
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