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  1. Love that chair. Could you share the brand and model of the pad please. Thank you!
  2. I don't do facebook, but can you count me in please. Thank you.
  3. It took me 2 weeks (a trial subscription) to realize that BBT is indeed a community of serious traders. No gimmicks, no empty promises, no BS. Just valuable info and an enormous support of the great community. I'm just in the very beginning of my journey, and BBT makes it easier to cope with ups and downs. And god knows there are many of those in this business. Can't thank you enough for everything!
  4. Yup, read the fine print right after I posted my "awesome" plan. So I either have to consider the yearly or do monthly without the promotion. Still the other question still remains about the necessity of Trade Ideas for a new trader who has access to BBT chatroom. Thanks.
  5. Trade Ideas is running a St PAtrick's day promotion at the moment 25% off and I think I'll subscribe to the Standard monthly plan which shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Having a scanner in the chatroom is great, but the eventual goal is to be independent and I think I should learn how to build/use the scanners on my own. Also, would be nice to have access to the system beyond the market hours. Thoughts?
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