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  1. Thanks so much to all for the responses...much appreciated. So about $118/month for a day trading scanner. That is obviously significant, but at the same time, compared to the upside with sound trading strategies, upside can outpace that cost, including the others. So a few more questions that I would truly appreciate your continued expertise with: 1. Fidelity "Active Trader Pro" - Fidelity is my current broker. I don't have Active Trader Pro downloaded yet but will be doing so. I am not sure if that would work with the Scanner, or if that would be a quality broker either way. I am obviously at the crossroads here where I am weighing my investment and level of commitment (both time and money) vs. costs (both upfront and operational). I still need a quality platform (PC) so that is being budgeted for. 2. Any advice you can give on what the best next steps should be knowing where I am at today? My plan at this point (while now active member with BearBull Traders) would be to continue my education with the website. There is clearly LOTS of great educational material that I have access to. Once I gather just enough to be dangerous, would I think get the simulator? I guess I am looking for maybe a Day Trading Launch checklist or maybe a Plan! I know a lot of this has variables that are specific to me, but was just curious if anyone else had experience with the steps they took from "interested in day trading...acquiring skills and education...to actively and successfully day trading on a consistent basis. Again, any and all feedback and assistance would be appreciated. Thanks again, Chris
  2. Hi, I am curious to know how much Trade Ideas costs? I have not downloaded it yet, as I am picking back up my day trading education. However, I don't feel like I can get a guage for how much Trade Ideas actually costs for Day Trading.
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