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  1. Unfortunately the discount code did already expire. Currently no other promotions are planned. Best, Igor
  2. We had an issue where new accounts only saw a blank screen. It has been fixed. You should be able to access your account at chartlog.com Best, Igor
  3. Hey We will improve that in the near future! Actually we also plan to build a mobile app. But that will come later. Best, Igor
  4. Hi Maher Thank you so much for the kind words and your offer! We are actually very happy with our name. So happy that we also incorporated as Chartlog, Inc. We'll work on getting the .com domain. Best, Igor
  5. Hi Sheryl Thank you for the kind words! If you have questions, issues or feedback feel free to contact us any time at support@chartlog.io Best, Igor
  6. Hey George Thanks for the suggestion! I like it. We would need some kind of setting to define a "Break-Even range" since it's different for every user. I'll add it to the planned features. Best, Igor
  7. Hey Jared Jay's issue happened because our data provider had issues on Oct 31. Can you send me a screenshot of your position to support@chartlog.io Also if possible send me the log file of that day, too. Best, Igor
  8. Today we found some bugs because of the switch from daylight saving time. They have been fixed. We also updated the importer. Please make sure you use the latest version. www.chartlog.io
  9. Hey guys! We found a bug that resulted in wrong data in the Dashboard and in the Insights graphs. It's fixed now. Since we started to get a lot of emails we set up a support email address so we can manage issues better. Whenever you have an issue, bug or a feature request you can email us at: support@chartlog.io Best, Igor
  10. Hey Tommy Unfortunately we don't support overnight / swing positions. If the position is not opened and closed on the same day, they won't appear in Chartlog. We'll work on that in the future! Igor
  11. New Layout We redesigned the layout of Chartlog to be cleaner and more intuitive. It has also been updated to look good on small laptop screens. Tags & Strategies As a lot of you have requested, we finally implemented Tags & Strategy Tracking. You can manage your Tags & Strategies in a new section we call “Library”. Tags You are now able to set multiple Tags for each position. Possible tags could be e.g. “Good Entry”, “Chased”, “A-Plus Setup”, “FOMO” etc. By adding Tags you’ll be able to find positions with those tags using filters. If you want to track a specific strategy used for a trade, please use the Strategies function. Strategies Strategies work the same way as Tags, but you can only set one strategy per position. You can also add a description to every strategy. Use this for defined indicators, confirmations etc. We intentionally split Tags and Strategies, because we have a lot of ideas to improve the strategy tracking in the future. This includes checklists, detailed analytics and strategy sharing. Insights You want to know what your average Profit / Loss at Market Open in the Last 30 days on AAPL trades is where you used the ABCD strategy and had the Tags “Good entry” or “Very good entry”? Find it out with our new feature called Insights. You are now able to compare your performance based on strategies, day of the week, hour of the day, and by tags. We implemented a powerful filter where you can filter by symbols, strategies and tags and define a specific date range. In the overview of insights you’ll see the improved version of the old dashboard with the ability to use the new filter. Happy Trading! Stay Profitable!
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