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  1. Interactive Brokers has a new interface for their forum. You can ask any IB related questions (but please, if you have some awesome information to share, or get an answer to a relevant question, please post it back here to our forum in a new topic!) https://ndcdyn.interactivebrokers.com/forum ----------------------------------------------------- Doug T. Austin, TX If you found this post helpful, please click the "favorite" link on the lower right, and pick the trophy from the emoticon list! Much appreciated.
  2. I had issues similar to Rob C. The key thing seems to be, if you attempt to create a new account anywhere near a US holiday, it seems to take three times as long because I think there are only 1 or 2 key people who can activate your account. I tried to do mine on the 15th of December, I FINALLY got PARTIALLY activated in February (they screwed up and gave me Trader Workstation despite my application and my verbal efforts over the phone before activation), and then finally got DAS support enabled on April 1st. Five months is ridiculous. Welcome to Trinidad & Tobago where we obviously have a laid-back lifestyle. I also called them to pre-notify them of an incoming wire transfer for additional funds, and sent it EXACTLY the same way as I did when I opened my account -- and they rejected it and it bounced back to me. I went and opened an IB account with the additional big chunk of money instead, and there is a world of difference. I am closing my CMEG account.
  3. 1 year veteran, lifetime member here. I plan to be there. I've helped with the previous events in Austin in the past. I can help with organizing if you're still looking for someone.
  4. Sure, do you still have the email addresses for our "Austin Originals?" Is Viking still in BearBullTraders? I'm active in Slack again, so you can find me there...
  5. I'm in Austin, I would be interested in coming up on a Saturday.
  6. How does a meetup on Saturday, July 21st sound? At the Domain again? (North restaurant?)
  7. How about July 14th at 11:30am at North's Italian Restaurant at the Domain? We can reserve patio seating where we can talk without bothering anybody else
  8. DAS Trader Pro does not do very well with multiple monitors. If you have multiple monitors, and save your desktop data, then come back later with a different monitor configuration, DAS can get lost. For example, when I open in the morning, all my windows look great on my 5 monitor config...except for the Montage windows, which refuse to load anywhere but on my primary monitor. If you can get your new default window configuration back to the original monitor configuration, that should solve your problem. If you still can't see your windows after Robert's suggestion, there is one more thing you can do...write back to us and let us know what happens.
  9. We will definitely keep you guys updated! Wayne suggested a Slack forum, if you send me your email at dougt (a t) msn dot com, I'll send you an invite. We were thinking of meeting quarterly. I tried to send a message to what looked like your email address, [email protected], but it bounced. Is it spelled correctly on your forum profile page?
  10. I invested in a Elgato Stream Deck ($150!! ouch) for the purpose of more/better hotkey tech in DAS Trader Pro. Basically, it's a macro keyboard. This leverages tech that is used by game/Twitch streamers, but it is seriously useful for us. Of those of you who have a Stream Deck, how do you configure yours? If you're not familiar with it, here's a demo video: And, before I get started, here are some alternatives, although some are not suitable for a trading environment.
  11. This post from Abiel has all of the manuals. I found what I needed in here. Is there something missing that you're looking for? https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/das-trader-manuals/ >Some DAS trader manuals / guides: DAS Trader User Manual DAS Scanner Chart Studies in DAS Trader Allocation Manual Running DAS Trader PRO from Non-Windows OS (2014) DAS Trader Trigger Order Guide DAS Trader Hot Key and Command Script User Guide Add Routes to Your Montage Manual
  12. I'm using Parallels Desktop v13 and not having any problems on a MacBook. What version of Parallels do you have?
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