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Let's try and organize some Meetups for the spring!

Hey everyone,


I tried to organize a few meetups last year, but they seemed to fall apart for various reasons. I'd like to see if we can get some groups together as we get closer to nicer weather. If you know of any other Texas based traders that are part of BBT, let them know to join this club. Let's work together to get some nice meetups this year. Hoping to make it to meet you all and also get Andrew down here!


    • As a new member, I find the evolution of how and where the Hotkeys are located on BBT very difficult to follow.  When I downloaded my Sim last week, the intro page Step 2 is "How to Download and Use Andrew's DAS Layout".  The button says "Download Layout and Hotkeys" I assumed that labelling to mean I was downloading Andrew's hotkeys.  But did I actually download the "current" hotkeys instead?
    • I've found the numbers to inconsistent to the point of being unreliable.  The best answer I've gotten from a trading platform so far is that it's possible not to get every single order from every exchange in the database, in which case a H/L could be off...
    • Hi all, Just a note for those using Camarilla pivots on Trader Workstation. It seems to calculate Levels 1-4 the same as DAS, and they are identical to Kyle's calculations here:   https://kaelmedia.com/projects/tradepivots/?symbol=AAPL However, Trader Workstation draws what it calls Level 5 (S5 and R5), which corresponds to S6 and R6 in Kyle's calculator. IBKR does not mark Kyle's S5 and R5. In other words, if you are using, Trader Workstation, you will get 5 levels, which will be Levels 1-6, skipping 5. Here's how it looks on the chart:  If you want Level 5, you would have to insert it manually.   Cheers! Miguel  
    • I've noticed that they can be different in TradingView and ThinkorSwim, versus IBKR. Still, I think IBKR calculates them the same as DAS when it's paired with IBKR. At least my IBKR levels match Thor's. I think it has to do with the extended hours data each platform uses. I find that IBKR's levels work well for me. In the Pivot Boss book, Frank Ochoa says that levels based off regular hours and extended hours both work well.
    • Peak Capital will be starting soon, the current session ends on the 22 of April.
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