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Club for BBT members in Texas

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  2. Looking for peers for group to share ideas, share knowledge and support each other. Please reply if this is something that is of your interest. Best WP
  3. Hi Norm, I'm new to the BBT community and am surfing around the site. I assume you are the same Norm from Carlos/Norm in the morning. I've enjoyed your morning broadcast.:) Found this Texas group nugget and thought it was worthwhile to respond to your post. Looks as though it's a stale post, but who knows. I'd be interested in some Northern Dallas meetups if they were to be orchestrated. Hopefully, you get this. Perhaps there is another meetup thing that I've yet to find on the site. Take it easy, boss.
  4. There is a Barnes N Noble at the intersection of highways 45 and 35 in Round Rock. They have a nice cafe area and are open until 9pm. I would be game to start a local meet up group (maybe once a month to try it out) on either a Tuesday or Friday evening from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. The purpose would be to share notes on trades from the preceding month. To share journals of trade ideas and overall exchange ideas with each other. Coffee is on me! Unless your ideas suck, then it is on you. J/K !! I have a TOS laptop platform that allows for replay of price movements from previous dates. That can come in handy if anyone wants to review trades from your journal. Anyone game for it message me back. At the Austin meet up this year, a few of you expressed interest in something like this. Cheers, Nolan
  5. So the Austin location is official at North Italia in the Domain? This Monday at 6pm I see.
  6. 1 year veteran, lifetime member here. I plan to be there. I've helped with the previous events in Austin in the past. I can help with organizing if you're still looking for someone.
  7. I tried to organize a few meetups last year, but they seemed to fall apart for various reasons. I'd like to see if we can get some groups together as we get closer to nicer weather. If you know of any other Texas based traders that are part of BBT, let them know to join this club. Let's work together to get some nice meetups this year. Hoping to make it to meet you all and also get Andrew down here! Feel free to email me with any ideas or thoughts - [email protected]
  8. Nice to meet you! Hopefully we get a good amount of members in here and can organize meetups and such.

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