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  1. 10XFA and Leaping4. Yea come on. I'm sending y'all a message so we can get an email and give y'all some more info. We are meeting tonight virtual if you can make it. 5/10
  2. Hey Ryan I have a rotating schedule but can usually make it work. So any day really. Going to send you a message. Welcome back to Texas!
  3. Yes lets get a virtual going too. AdamzTradez
  4. If anyone is interested here in meeting up and going over trades and such I can put it together. Respond on here or send me a message. Once I get some input we can hammer out details. For me it would be good to get away from the computer and talk with people with similar goals to get there faster. Good Luck Trading
  5. Hello, im also in the Houston area. If y'all meet sometime let me know
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