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  1. Thank you. I thought that was how it worked but wanted to be sure. I was going over my journal, and wanted to make sure I was doing the correct way.
  2. So I have been watching as many of the Webinars and courses I can everyday, and have started sim trading. In doing so I have realized that I don't fully understand taking partials in conjunction with profit targets. Which leads to my questions. 1. Say I want to take our first partial at 2R. Does that mean I want the entire trade to be equivalent to 2R at the partial? Meaning if the rest of the trade goes south and I have moved my stop to break even the trade would still constitute a 2R trade? Or 2. The first target of 2R just applies to the partial? So that if the trade goes South and I close the position at break even, my trade totals less than 2R.
  3. I would first like to thank Thor, for his webinars that he has done about Pivot Points. I am currently on the Second Video of his 4 part series. I really like his use of VPOC and want to try it out in my trading, but I don't know if there is an equivalent to the VPOC for TOS. If anyone is using TOS for their platform, and know if it has VPOC, I would greatly appreciate showing me which study it is.
  4. Good afternoon all, I would just like to introduce myself today and give a little background. My name is Daniel McCormack and I am a fairly new trader and joined BBT less than a year ago. I traded a few years prior to joining, but thought I would give day trading a go. I bought Andrews book How to Day Trade for a Living. Enjoyed the book and continued my learning process. I then joined BBT and listened to most of the courses offered here on BBT and believed that I can do this. However, I did think that I was able to skip some of the steps laid out in the courses, most specifically paper trading. This is where my trading career took a sudden halt. I thought I had good risk management skill and the psychology to do the right thing when I get into a loosing trade, but within 2 months of trying to actively trade I blew my account up and nearly gave up completely. After a 6 month hiatus I have decided to continue with my trading career, but this time do the right thing. I have created a business plan for myself and will be starting my paper trading in November. I also thing that if I become more involved in this community that I will have a more enjoyable experience this go around. I look forward to meeting you all and Thanks for listening. Daniel
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