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  1. Hi Delluhle, I live in Vancouver too, and found a group of like minded traders that actively journal or engage in learning more or sharing struggles. If you are interested join here https://discord.gg/VhW8YNHM. I'm also everyday at Ed's room as "mau"
  2. Hi all, I was just wondering if there is a way to set a global constant for the DAS scripts. I'm using kyle hotkeys and they work awesome, but say I want to reduce or increase my size. Is there a way I can do it in one place (the global variable) and that would affect all hotkeys, or would I have to modify all scripts. Thanks
  3. @Abiel is there a place we can see the pictures of the meetup? will some of them be published/shared?
  4. @Jeremy Kahn sounds good! shoot me a direct message once you are in Van, we can make arrangements!
  5. Ha! maybe? Whistler opens Nov 26, but I don't think I'll be going to whistler that week, but cypress is nearby, perhaps there's good snow this year there https://cypressmountain.com/
  6. @Jeremy Kahn Oh Im down to some snowboarding we can definitely chat!
  7. For anyone who is coming from outside of Canada keep the following in mind: https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/covid-vaccinated-travellers-entering-canada
  8. Hey @Maddykitten nice meeting ya! we haven't set up a change to meet just added you to my discord Im mau#3542 Im also very new barely 4months in sim, looking for a trading buddy or group of people to chat.
  9. mau


    @peterB oh yeah, I didn't know you could do annotations on those charts, Im going to try out the notes on the charts included on tradersync, do you know if we can add pre-market to those charts?
  10. mau


    Hey @Wildone I'm currently using tradersync I like it so far, has a good interface, allows you to tag trades, and add notes, journal per day and trade, shows you reports and stats. Also I like to annotate my trades using epic pen, and save the screenshots on the tradersync app. it also allows me to share my trades, check it out https://shared.tradersync.com/tradeicio/07998cbd-f3b6-11eb-ad92-061a3d52649f
  11. Welcome Mau


  12. Hi @sadsid00 (Sam), I am definitely up for it!
  13. Also I highly recommend this website for any recommendations on electronics in general, I use it a lot https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/
  14. Hello everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Mauricio but do please call me Mau, I'm a software developer by profession, being at it for more than 9 years. I decided to join the community after months of reading books about investing, day trading and the stock market in general, I find the profession of day trading very intriguing and as creating software every trade is a new learning experience. Hope we can meet at some point either virtually of physically, and hope to meet some people and form a study group of sorts, just talk about setups, or give feedback on trades. I haven't even started sim trading yet, going through the courses just now! Anyway just wanted to say hello to everyone in this group!
  15. Hola a todos, soy Mauricio Mercado de Barranquilla, Colombia! Vivo en Vancouver BC asi que estoy aprendiendo a day trade desde estos lades! Soy un desarrollador de software desde hace 10 anos, desde unos meses vengo leyendo sobre day trading y hoy tome la decision de unirme a la familia de BBT, mi plan es lograr ser un trader que genera ganancias consistentemente, hasta el punto de poder vivir del day trading. Saludos, Mau
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