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  1. Good afternoon, I am wondering how to most effectively use RSI as an indicator in the strategies that are prevalent in the BBT community. Here are some of the questions I have: Which strategies benefit the most from integrating RSI values? When you do observe RSI values with these strategies, which timeframe are you observing (e.g., 1-min, 2-min, 5-min, 15-min)? In one of Andrew's extreme reversal videos, he mentions the extreme RSI indicator, but doesn't elaborate upon what range he is using to indicate an extreme value, so what range indicates extreme value and on what timeframe? Which period is most effective for day trading (e.g., 14, 6, 2, etc..) and how do you decide that? Lastly, is there a certain time of the day when RSI is more useful? Any insights will be greatly appreciated
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