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  1. I am glad you posted this in the forum as my 3 month DAS subscription runs out on Monday, I am not ready to go live, plus I am going to be slammed for the next few months on my job so I did not think it would be worth renewing until this issue passes. I used it Friday and it works pretty good -- alot less clumsy than TDAmeritrade. I had an issue where I could not stream data when I set it up. That was because I did not have stream authorized in the Ameritrade platform. After I set that up, it has been working as expected. I like a plane chart with 9, 20, 50, 200 moving averages, but the ninja trader has a ribbon of 8 moving averate ribbons by default. To set Volume indicators on the chart you have to set to VOL indicator. This will do me for the next few months Thanks for finding this and posting it.
  2. I am using DAS Sim Version But I cannot reset the equity. I am right clicking the Account as you recommended below.
  3. I have set both of these up as for Long and Short hotkeys on my Simulator and will try it tomorrow. Tonight I am getting a timeout, but will no market activity I think that would be normal.
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