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  1. Hi Norm, Yahoo! Looks like it may finally happen! I am in Waxahachie, so Dallas is accessible. If I can be of any assistance to you let me know. I see that Joey from Longview is available for assisting as well - Joey if I can help you too let me know. Looking forward to meeting all y'all!! Cindy M
  2. Most likely that would work for me as well. Thanks for keeping after it, keep us posted!
  3. Saturdays are good. Likely Lunch would be better for me. But I am flexible. THanks Norm for putting it together.
  4. Hey guys, just saw this. I am in Waxahachie. Let me know if you get together.
  5. Hey Nick T - thanks so much for this. I got the links uploaded, and will work toward learning more about TOS, and everything else involved! Regards, Cindy M
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