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  1. Stuart

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    Nas' Just saw this post. I checked the prices on the three stocks you mentioned Nov 13, and it would have been a nice win if even shares were applied to all three. BBBY+1.31, NTLA-4.82, BECN+6.63. (according to finviz this morning) 312 bucks on a 5963 investment given 100 shares on each stock. Better than 5% as of today! (I think my math is correct). I really liked your strategy on these. Do you think you would have held the swing that long? I've held a lot longer on trades and done a lot worse. lol! Great post! Regards, Stuart
  2. Stuart

    Austin Texas Meetup

    Sounds good, I look forward to meeting our central Texas traders!
  3. Stuart

    Austin Texas Meetup

    Are we going to meetup today?
  4. Stuart

    Austin Texas Meetup

    I could make that time and day. Sounds great!
  5. Stuart

    Austin Texas Meetup

    Wednesdays are best for me. Around noon would be better on traffic for me. Thanks!
  6. Stuart

    Austin Texas Meetup

    Domian sounds great!
  7. Stuart

    Austin Texas Meetup

    Would love to join you
  8. Stuart

    DFW BBT Meetup?

    I will go to the DFW meetup Thanks!
  9. Stuart

    DFW BBT Meetup?

    I'm in! The weekend works best for my schedule. Thanks Norm!!!
  10. Stuart

    DFW BBT Meetup?

    I can drive up from Round Rock, and would like to meet with you all! Thanks! Stuart K
  11. Stuart

    The "Sour Hours Trader"

    Aiman, Thanks for the reply! Yes it's different than the mornings for sure! I will be training the mornings when I can get time off from work. I will be careful at the last hour! Thanks again, Stuart
  12. So I have been limited to trading the hours of 2-4 pm EST in the first month of sim. I call them the "Sour Hours" based on the looks on Brian P's , and Andrew Aziz's faces when posed the question on strategies for these hours in the mentor-ship forum. lol I had a couple of green days this week, and on Friday I used a simple strategy of looking at the overall trend of the stock from the open, and going with that direction. It worked 2 of 3 trades that day, and I wondered if this thought process seemed valid. I traded stocks from Andrew's watch list in this way, and put a range stop on them so I could step away and not stare at it. I took profit too early, and could have been more patient with my winners, but I was good at being impatient with my losers. I don't know if anyone else in the BBT chat is in a similar situation with trading hours, but if you are, come join me as a "Sour Hour Trader"! Thanks to all of you at BBT!, Stuart K
  13. Abiel, Mine failed after a week. Green power light not on. I checked cables and monitor ect and still not working. Returning for refund, but I see a lot of good feedback here. Is yours still working? Thanks! Stuart K

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