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  1. nassarsyed

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    Update. YETI is still working for me. It managed up almost 4.5% to $18.25 even in a weak market. I will continue to hold today but may cut as earnings are Oct 29 and I don’t want to hold through them. Ideally 5% on half position than move the balance to 1% but I will cut full position on strength today.
  2. nassarsyed

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    Okay so the only stock that worked for me was YETI, I bought at 17.46, it went all the way up to 18.12 for a profit of 3.72% (I am looking to cut 1/2 at 5%). It closed 17.57, I know there are earnings on the 29th, but I think it will give us a little play as it builds up towards earnings. The market is keeping it down... IMHO These are the ones I am following now: Propetro Holdings: short term target 20.50 US Sililca Holdings : Gap filled looking for short term rise And I am still looking at CROX - Nice Pull Back
  3. nassarsyed

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    I also like SQ, held the bottom after filling Gap from Oct 31st.., series of higher lows..., could go higher, at least we can leverage this info for Day Trading perhaps...
  4. nassarsyed

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    I really like AAPL which could make the whole market bounce... Looks long, first target is gap fill with initial rejection at 200 than target 2 202... Hope this is a buy week, lets see.
  5. nassarsyed

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    Thanks @Brian Pez!
  6. nassarsyed

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    My watchlist for next week, not posting entry or exits, but I think these should perform well if the market recovers. I would look at pull backs to build positions gradually. ANAT: holding up well here \ Croc: Strong earnings, pull back from 52 week high ADP: holding up well BLL: Strong earnings, trending up, wait for pull back to 10 Day MA or technical pattern NTGR: Tight Flag (triangle - look for breakouts....) One more higher risk. YETI: fresh IPO, forming first base, could break out. .
  7. nassarsyed

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    Posting a monthly of the SPY, as you can see last month and this month it lowered to touch the trend line as well as the 20 MA. This would be normally bullish for long-term. However, one could also interpret a Head and shoulders pattern forming, this wont be confirmed until a break below 254.60. As traders, our job is not to call the market, but react to what it gives us. I will post some setups later, but we need to follow tight spots, also I would only build outlay 24-50% capital right now till we get confirmation. Beauty of swing trading is it follows market direction mostly, less setups and more stop outs mean weakness, more setups and more break-outs mean bullish and invest more. Caution is the operative word right now. fyi @Brian Pez
  8. nassarsyed

    Netflix as a swing trade

    Lots of stuff setting up, will post later, market is very indecisive, all we can do is not call the market but react to it.
  9. nassarsyed

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    Nothing triggered today, and I stayed out of opening long Swing positions, did some day trades though... worked well. Some interesting setups forming, will post over weekend.
  10. nassarsyed

    Swing Trade CL

    Good cll on BABA, China stocks a little volatile these days but this is a solid company for the slightly longer short-term
  11. nassarsyed

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    Yes Lulu looks promising, good ol' Canadian brand eh !!! LOL, Will look into picking up some OTM Dec/Jan Calls later..., May be a good day trade too...
  12. nassarsyed

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    I am going to wait this week and perhaps next out for all this to shake out. May take some day trades on AMD though, it sold off too. I am beginning to think someone does not want this market up, every-time it tries, a China comment or tweet swings at its legs..... Earnings guidance is also affecting, hopefully guidance is good as it will be pre-factored into the 4th quarter market performance this way.
  13. nassarsyed

    Swing Trade CL

    Man I almost bought OTM Puts on NVDA expiry tomorrow. “Nas kicks himself where it hurts”.... dang!!!!
  14. nassarsyed

    Swing Trade CL

    Awesome, great trade, lets see what tomorrow does to the gains in the market today, NVDA could bring it down.... !
  15. nassarsyed

    Nas' Swing Trades and Results

    Thanks @Brian Pez means a lot coming from you. None of my triggers fired. Market attempted up, but on lower volume, tomorrow being Friday I also did not find any worthy setups.

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