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  1. Thanks Rob. I was not able to take this as I saw lots of good intraday opportunities last week. Some people did take this. One person took it at the channel bottom as it bounced off support and is up good on it.
  2. Eyeing a reversal here after earnings failure, could be forming a Double Bottom...
  3. ES Futures look interesting, respecting the trend-line and now in a tight wedge... Will watch for continued break out from flag, but may experience a pull back to the trend line first...
  4. This is the one I have been tracking for some time.., interesting 23 days in uptrend, has see 9 Green consecutive. Forming a Bull Flag, Could go higher from here targeting recent highs. Even though it keeps forming higher lows, of concern is the high volume on the pull back, so I am not biased only bullish, I would even look at the bearish break here.... will follow.
  5. @Andrew Aziz Very timely - I 100% had ideas and was going to bring this up with you! Too bad @Brian Pez is not coming, but we can communicate through other channels. See you here! Friday is good weather, there is snow on Sat & Sun....
  6. Update on latest swing considerations. XLNX has started working have a small position in W at top of range ready to potentially breakout. Santa Clause rally may help
  7. Swing Trade Idea 2 Strategy: Tight consolidation over several weeks, keep on watch Watch for break out of consolidation Symbol: W @Brian Pez
  8. Swing Trade Idea Strategy: 3 Touch of Higher pivots, long on break up volume - Will also look at short, if it breaks below trend line and retests on Pull-back. Long break above 91.90, Stop 90.25; Target 94.85 Symbol: XLNX @Brian Pez
  9. $CNQ - Canadian Energy name, nice bull flag, looking for continuation up..., check volume, respect stops - resistance at $27.88. formed nice support at base of breakout candle, has potential. A break below could lead to 200MA and Gap fill in the short term.
  10. I Swing ideas for next week At strong support 21.90 area, looking for breakdown below blue trendline, targeting 200MA on Daily or bounce off and some recovery to the upside. For upside, stop would be below blue trendline closing hourly basis.
  11. Taking off 1/4 balance for all out 140.52 - don't like holding over weekend. so 1/2 off at 138.52 1/4 off at140.25 1/4 at 140.52 (today)
  12. Sold half of half over 140 and still holding balance.
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