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  1. I am having the same problem. My Das version is Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Pre Market Preparation.... After reviewing Jarads premarket notes, it would be helpful to see how he collects / gathers this information and expand on his thought process.
  3. Would be beneficial for the whole community. Great idea.
  4. To add ATR , right click on volume chart (where your arrow is pointing) then right click and select "Study Config." Click ATR from "Studies" column and move it (Select-->) so it's placed in the "Studies in Chart" column. Click ATR in "Studies in Chart" column and Config (enter # of periods you require - default is 14). Then click "Commit". Again, right click on volume chart (where your arrow is pointing) and select "Chart Area" and select " Config Area" (bottom of list). Check " Show Study Info" and "Show Study Latest Value" then "Commit". Your ATR values should now be displayed.
  5. Check out this video on YouTube: Important Hotkey for Day Traders: EQUALIZED RISK PER TRADE on DAS Trader Pro
  6. Hi Jason, I would be interested in taking a look at your generator. Sounds like something that could be very beneficial. Thx, Mike
  7. Tj.... Sorry, but I'll have to pass. I was coming in from out of town (Barrie). Guess I'll have to wait until April to meet everyone. Thanks for all your effort... Mike
  8. I am in the Toronto area and would be interested in a meetup. Fridays are not good for me.
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