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  1. Hi Abiel, I was wondering if Brian's session will be available to watch? Thanks, G
  2. Dear All: Unfortunately, I won't be able to join you guys tonight - Hope you all have fun and enjoy the moment. Best, Gean
  3. Dear All: I called Marche and confirmed our event tonight @ 7pm. Just say BearBullTraders or my name (Gean Oliveira). They're able to direct you to the location. If I am not mistaken, they will provide you with a card that will be used to order whatever you want to eat/drink. Once you leave, just give the card and pay. I am looking forward to meeting you all. Best, Gean
  4. Hey TJ, I will call them later today and ask for a bigger room. Someone else who can't post on this forum sent me a message asking to participate. I'd say 14 = 13 + Guy. Happy Friday everyone
  5. It is under my name: Gean Oliveira. Closest subway station is Union. You can either use the path or walk on street. Main intersection is Bay St x Wellington St Feel free to call/text at (647) 987-8552.
  6. Guys, I was able to make a reservation at Marche for 12 people next Sunday, April 7th, at 7pm. I need to confirm again on Sunday, which I will do in the afternoon. Please check this post as a reference. Here's the link again: https://www.marche-movenpick.ca/en/our-locations/brookfield-place-street-level I hope this works. If not, please advise and I will try to find another place. Best, Gean
  7. TJ, not sure if it is available, however, "Marche" is also a good opportunity with access via path: https://www.marche-movenpick.ca/en/our-locations/brookfield-place-street-level They also have rooms to host events Thanks for organizing. I am happy to help, too. Best
  8. Thanks @TJ. Either in Toronto or Woodbridge I will attend Best, G
  9. Count me in. @Andrew, where will you be in Toronto? This place is in Woodbridge and it might be far away from you (I might be wrong, but this is not close to the subway).
  10. Erik, I bought Brian's book for swing trade, too. Not sure if you've read.
  11. Thank you, Robert. Hopefully, we can find more people interested.
  12. BBT community in Toronto, I didn't find a post about a meetup, but I thought we could have one? I was thinking next year (perhaps Friday Jan 18th)? I can try and look for places in downtown Toronto with easy access to the subway. Thoughts?
  13. Hello BBT community, My name's Gean Oliveira (look for GC in the chatroom) and I live in Toronto. Been trading since 2016 (I thought I knew how to trade until I found Andrew's book) and making mistakes along the way. I am an IT/HR consultant and recently joined the community. I was born in Brazil but Canada is been home for the last 10+ years. Looking forward to learning from you all. Best, Gean
  14. Hi guys, not sure if the meetup happened, I just joined BBT and I am in. thanks
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