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  1. geanoliveira

    Toronto meetup Jan 18, 2019?

    Thank you, Robert. Hopefully, we can find more people interested.
  2. BBT community in Toronto, I didn't find a post about a meetup, but I thought we could have one? I was thinking next year (perhaps Friday Jan 18th)? I can try and look for places in downtown Toronto with easy access to the subway. Thoughts?
  3. geanoliveira

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello BBT community, My name's Gean Oliveira (look for GC in the chatroom) and I live in Toronto. Been trading since 2016 (I thought I knew how to trade until I found Andrew's book) and making mistakes along the way. I am an IT/HR consultant and recently joined the community. I was born in Brazil but Canada is been home for the last 10+ years. Looking forward to learning from you all. Best, Gean
  4. geanoliveira

    Anyone in the Toronto area - Meetup?

    Thanks, Nicolas. And yes, I am. Midtown :)
  5. geanoliveira

    Anyone in the Toronto area - Meetup?

    Hi guys, not sure if the meetup happened, I just joined BBT and I am in. thanks

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