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  1. Yes, the Weekly Practice here: https://bearbulltraders.com/simulator/
  2. Matt, the replay feature is a $15/mn add-on to the base DAS Trader demo subscription. You can email DAS trader support and they can add it to your subscription. During the work week they did it for me within a couple hours.
  3. In other words "BP * .25 * Price" will give your total equity (account size) if your margin is 4:1, assuming you haven't done anything to "Price" yet in your hotkey.
  4. Ah, but there is... look for the blue "Alternate Formula" in my post "Share = BP *.25 *Price *.01;" That is DAS speak for DOLLAR RISK as percentage of EQUITY (i.e. not buying power). I know it looks insane but my post explains what is going on there. So if you have an account with $30,000 equity, it will calculate shares based on a 1% ($300) risk.
  5. Link to recording: https://bearbulltraders.com/course/strategy/lesson/weekly-strategy-webinars/topic/trading-momentum-at-the-open-1-minute-orb-2/ But I'm getting a privacy error-
  6. I posted a detailed walk through of how the hotkeys work a few months back. You might find it interesting. I was working with v2.1 of kyle's spreadsheet back then. I don't know what version it is on now.
  7. That is correct. That is the commission. Then there is ECN and other fees to pay on top of it. Here's my real fees for a trade yesterday on AMC. You'll see the commission is exactly .004/share, and you pay it when you buy as well as when you sell. You'll see my 4th, 5th, and 6th partials were so small that I ran up against the minimum commission, which is 50 cents.
  8. Attached is wallpaper I created for my 1920x1080 screens. Works best if you disable taskbar on non-primary monitors. There are 12 divisions so you can go 2, 3, or 4 charts wide per screen. No more messy screens!
  9. Andrew, CMEG charges me $125 on the last day of every month for "Software & Market Data Fee DAS". I know it's confusing because I don't think that shows up anywhere on the public website. Other than that, it's just the standard commissions, ECN fees, SEC, etc. A very accurate way of estimating fees under the BBT discount code at CMEG is # of shares * .007. i.e. if you bought 1000 shares and sold those 1000 shares, the commissions/fees would be: 2000 * .007 = $14.
  10. stonks88, Not certain this is the problem, but it will cause another problem down the road so you might as well change it now. Check the routes in your Montage window. I’m guessing “SMRTL” doesn’t actually appear in the drop down. I use CMEG and set route=limit for my hotkeys. This shows up as LAMP route in my CMEG account reports. And the BBT commission rate is applied.
  11. Kyle, the problem is that when I entered $5,000 for equity, and went to the "Hot Keys" tab and looked up 1% equity risk, the spreadsheet shows $50 for "Factored Dollar Risk" (which is good, because that's 1% of $5,000) but your hotkey actually calculates and uses $24.50. i.e. the stop loss trade will stop you out after a loss of $24.50 instead of $50.
  12. I'm way behind on the other setup videos. I'll definitely look for yours though!
  13. Guys, I'm not saying I'm a genius, but I don't want to rule out the possibility As could be seen in my setup video on BBT YouTube, my cable management was nonexistent. Today my life changed forever when I started using the clamps from my monitor stands to hide the cables. Figured I share since a lot of you have similar setups! Before: (it was actually much worse with 3 more power strips to the side and at least a dozen more cables could be visible going across the top of the couch arm) After:
  14. Yes, you can short on SSR with CMEG. In the montage window you'll see "SSR.S" meaning it's on SSR and CMEG has shares for short.
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