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  1. If you look at the Time and Sales window, you'll see all the trades that are happening for AA. The most recent trade will be at the 'last' price shown in Montage. There's a lot of ways to explain what you've noticed, but just to throw one possibility your way... Maybe the last trade was at 7.565 and it was the top bid at the time. Then right after several more limit orders came in above it, so the new top bid is 7.61 now. But as you've seen, orders fly in and out every second so a ton of scenarios are possible.
  2. @hailchaser2 DAS Trader really isn't a disk intensive piece of software so it's not that important. Your laptop already has a 1 TB HDD right? I wouldn't worry about the hard drive.
  3. @hailchaser2 That additional 8 Gb of RAM make it feel like a brand new computer
  4. If your DAS Time and Sales and Montage L2 look to be updating normally, then i don't think you have anything to worry about. If your laptop was so overwhelmed that DAS Trader was struggling to keep up, then you might have an issue where your trades may execute some number of milliseconds later than normal. Personally I would not use any computer or laptop with less than 8 GB of RAM to trade from. And if you have 8 GB of RAM, and not a bunch of unnecessary programs running, you should be fine.
  5. @banjo597 My broker is also CMEG and I noticed (of course right after spending $300 on BBT simulator) that my DAS Trader provided by CMEG "Traders Elite Pro ETFA" now has Replay feature. My version is
  6. I've never installed and used Trade ideas, but I don't think it supports going back in time? (Someone please confirm this for me.) i.e. Pick a date in the past and see what the watchlist would have been? Using (very high quality / expensive) historical data, I built a tool in Python that allows you to build watchlists in the same manner as you would in Trade Ideas, and do it for a range of dates in the past. This would obviously be beneficial to anyone back-testing trading strategies. I've tested it by comparing the results to old BearBullTraders watchlists going back to May. (Using same criteria for price, volume, float, etc. as BBT Trade Ideas scanner.) It produces the same watchlists with just a couple of tickers being different. This could be the result of someone at BBT adding/removing tickers from the watchlist produced by Trade Ideas, or the configuration being a little different. The tool allows you to enter these parameters: 1) range of dates, 2) min/max price, 3) min average daily volume, 4) min premarket volume, 5) premarket % change. I'll probably be adding some more like ATR. However, even without supporting ATR as a criteria, the watchlists are almost identical. I think with a little more work it could also become a real-time tool like Trade Ideas. Anyway, if you're interested in the historical watchlist generator, feel free to DM me.
  7. Just letting you guys know of a typo on BBT Results page for MU today 8/16/19. Definitely no $3 long play today on MU. https://bearbulltraders.com/results/
  8. https//tradingsim.com/ now also has Level 2 data while you're in replay
  9. Thank you for the thoughtful responses @SpoTT Trader and @NinjaTrader. I think this quote from SpoTT is an important one. You can't see how quickly MU probably began to drop at this point (first screenshot). So along with the other things mentioned by SpoTT, it looked like a possible short opportunity.
  10. Below is what MU looked like when @Andrew Aziz decided to short it. What are the indicators here? For ORB, it hasn't broken out yet. And the Level 2 looks pretty benign. But sure enough, turned into a good trade.
  11. An interesting effect of the step up in fees at 1000 shares (non-BBT-discounted accounts) is that you can actually save ~25% in fees if you were to make two trades of 1000 shares instead of one trade of 2000 shares. The lowest fee/share percentage occurs around 900-1000 shares. That's where you maximize profit/loss versus fees. Trade Size Fee/Share($) ---------------- --------------------- 100 0.044 500 0.013 1000 0.009 >1000 0.012
  12. See chart and table attached comparing CMEG standard rates for small/medium/large trading volumes versus BBT discounted rates. I wanted to see how good the BBT discount was compared to CMEG standard rates and fees for an Active Trader account. And also see how this changes with respect to number of shares traded. Turns out the BBT discount is pretty substantial. (Thank you @Andrew Aziz) Especially if you're a low volume trader. For example, compare $5/trade VS $1.55/trade at 200 share trade size. That is, assuming my data is correct... Please let me know if you see any errors here. Fee structures are from 7-12-19. CMEG fee structure varies based on monthly share volume. I call them "small" (<350k shares traded per month), "medium" (350k-1M), and "large" (>1M). References: CMEG Active Trader Account Pricing CMEG ECN, SEC, and FINRA Fees CMEG-BBT Promotional Rates CMEG Standard Rates - "Small" Active Account (<350k shares monthly volume) Commission Rate: $3.95 up to 1000 shares/trade or $0.007 for trades > 1000 shares. ECN Fee = ~$0.004/share (rough estimate) CMEG Standard Rates - "Medium" Active Account (350k-1M shares monthly volume) Commission Rate: $2.95 up to 1000 shares/trade or $0.005 for trades > 1000 shares. ECN Fee = Same as small CMEG Standard Rates - "Large" Active Account (350k-1M shares monthly volume) Commission Rate: $1.95 up to 1000 shares/trade or $0.0035 for trades > 1000 shares. ECN Fee = Same as small CMEG-BBT Promotional Rates (when using SMART LAMP route) Commission Rate: $0.004/share ECN Fee = $0.0025/share SEC and FINRA Fees (same for all account types) SEC Fee = Stock Price * # Shares * 0.0000231 FINRA Fee = # Shares * 0.000119 ($5.95 max)
  13. @Nomen Ama I'm no expert, but this sounds normal to me. 3 fills is like three trades. So you'll pay roughly the same commission+ECN+SEC/FINRA whether its 1 fill or 3 fills. What matters is the total number of shares.
  14. Here's another one. Did NVDA really trade all the way down at ~164.50? Seems like you would need more than 49k shares to lower the price that much on such a large and heavily traded stock.
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