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  1. Hi Brashy & Jaimie - welcome to the AZ BBT club! All the best in your trading journey. From my side the update is that I went live in Jan this year using CMEG after 6 months of SIM paper trading. Tried for couple of months, lost quarter of my capital (luckily had started small) and quit day trading in March. Instead have been trying my hand at swing trading, still trying to hone my strategy with it. Biggest lesson in my live trading journey - whatever you do, have a stop loss!!
  2. Hi guys- Mike B will be in Phoenix on Aug 7th & is hosting a get together - location still to be decided, probably somewhere close to Scottsdale or Desert Ridge Mall, he is staying at the Westin Kierland Resort. Looking forward to meeting up & connecting!
  3. Hi Mike, Further up north (close to Kierland) is Blue Martini - nice place for a small gathering. There are a whole bunch of decent beer places at Desert Ridge Mall - Yard House, BJ's, Thirsty Lion, Whining Pig....lot of options. Even Kierland has a lot of decent options for hanging out, you can check them out here. https://www.marriott.com/hotels/fact-sheet/travel/phxws-the-westin-kierland-resort-and-spa/
  4. I think it was just a bad break. In hindsight you could have bailed out at the 2nd lower high candle after entry. Looks like you stuck to your play book which is good.
  5. That information should be there on the IBKR website, I remember it is lower than most of the other firms - I pay fidelity @7.5 to 8.5% interest on margin money depending on the amount.
  6. Was there a volume spike when the price went up? That’s a strong correlation that there is a demand vs it being a weak push upwards/downwards?
  7. Hi all! Mike has posted that he will be in AZ on Aug 7th and is inviting all for happy hour. Anyone interested can Use this link to RSVP or just search for Phoenix on forum & you can find it. https://bearbulltraders.lt.acemlna.com/Prod/link-tracker?redirectUrl=aHR0cHMlM0ElMkYlMkZmb3J1bXMuYmVhcmJ1bGx0cmFkZXJzLmNvbSUyRnRvcGljJTJGMzAwNi1waG9lbml4LWF4LW1lZXR1cC1hdWd1c3QtN3RoJTJG&a=66163922&account=bearbulltraders.activehosted.com&email=VwOM8ZLzozOJ1ZotD9CPiIvy7T5YEJ8ohjC9vauJg30%3D&s=458a7db9657eaaa5f208362c31f542a6&i=995A1889A2A8865
  8. Hi Mike- I’m in Phoenix too, which area are you staying? If you’re in Scottsdale we can find someplace close by.
  9. Hi Guys, Sorry, I wont be able to join today. Got some stuff to take care from my day job. I pulled the plug on day trading & closed my CMEG account. Am inclined towards giving Swing Trading a try, Brian has his weekly take and suggestions and I have also joined the 4 week free trial of Swing Trader - will see how it goes. BBT membership is always going to be there so lets see. You guys have fun!
  10. James - we have a club (AZ Club) where JJ and myself are members, if you can add yourself that would be great. Have everyone under 1 spot for easier reach.
  11. Hi James/JJ; I'll try to make it on 3/11 too - though I am taking a break from live trading to regroup & rethink my next step. Thur is a working day for me so I'm not 100% sure I can get out for a couple of hours, it's a long drive from my place in Ahwatukee. Thanks, Upendra
  12. Hi Jason, Hope it's going well for you with Aiman, let me know how that's going in terms of improving your skills - thought it must be costing you some?? I had a week off and restarted today. Hit daily loss target and stopped. Trying to discipline myself and avoid another hulk day. All the best!
  13. Hi, Started trading live from Feb. Anyone else in Phoenix/Tuscon or in AZ who has gone live? Took an account with CMEG to start testing the waters with 5k capital. Love to hear from you about your experience so far.
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