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  1. Hi! I was exploring tools like Cheddar Flow, Flow Algo, FlowTrade and Quant Data. Does anyone have any experience with any of these? Are they useful for day trading or anything else? Thanks! Miguel
  2. Hey man did you delete your response to my topic? I thought it was amazing and was about to return to it? Any chance of bringing it back?

  3. I think so, yes. I went in on the hammer candle as per the screenshot below. Two candles back, the big bull candle had high volume.
  4. Hi all, Lately I've been having an issue with trying to trade breakouts but constantly falling into bull or bear traps. For example, today I longed NIO when it broke yesterday's value area, but it promptly reversed and stopped me out. I'm thinking of delaying my entries a little bit so that I can get more confirmation, at the risk of missing part of the move. Any advice on avoiding bull or bear traps? Thanks! Miguel
  5. Hey Jose, How were you able to match them with TOS? I have both TOS and IBKR TWS and they look different in TOS (last time I checked). One thing I have noticed is that TWS will calculate Cams 1-4 and then 6. What it calls 5 is really level 6, and it skips 5. This is comparing to Kyle's formula at https://kaelmedia.com/projects/tradepivots/?symbol=AAPL Thanks! Miguel
  6. Hi all, Just a note for those using Camarilla pivots on Trader Workstation. It seems to calculate Levels 1-4 the same as DAS, and they are identical to Kyle's calculations here: https://kaelmedia.com/projects/tradepivots/?symbol=AAPL However, Trader Workstation draws what it calls Level 5 (S5 and R5), which corresponds to S6 and R6 in Kyle's calculator. IBKR does not mark Kyle's S5 and R5. In other words, if you are using, Trader Workstation, you will get 5 levels, which will be Levels 1-6, skipping 5. Here's how it looks on the chart: If you want Level 5, you would have to insert it manually. Cheers! Miguel
  7. I've noticed that they can be different in TradingView and ThinkorSwim, versus IBKR. Still, I think IBKR calculates them the same as DAS when it's paired with IBKR. At least my IBKR levels match Thor's. I think it has to do with the extended hours data each platform uses. I find that IBKR's levels work well for me. In the Pivot Boss book, Frank Ochoa says that levels based off regular hours and extended hours both work well.
  8. Hi Miguel,

    my name is Davide I'm a life time member at BBT, I'm based in Miami and I'm looking for BBT member in the area. It would be awesome to have a group of people to share our experiences  and help each other in this wonderful journey. Let me know!

  9. Great stuff! I've been experimenting with essentially this same strategy. Can you speak a little more on entering on the break of the prior candles' body (versus the wick)? Do you find the risk/reward works consistently? Here's my trade from today, which I feel was somewhat decent but could be much better, with a better entry and exits. Thanks! Miguel
  10. Hi! Does anyone use Stocktwits for any purpose? For example, could it supplement watchlist-building by showing which stocks have heavy trader interest?
  11. Hi! I'm Miguel, a dad, developing trader, lawyer, and writer from Miami. After reading Andrew's first two books I started in sim in June and am starting to become consistently profitable there. I'm excited to keep learning and improving as I move towards live trading. I'm really happy to be here and to meet y'all! Cheers, Miguel
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