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  1. Keep in mind that TI may not have all the data feeds DAS does. I have run into situations where a print gets 'lost' that skews a Camarilla calculation. You may never get 100% sync between trading platforms.
  2. It seems like there's a lot of configuration settings for trading options with IBKR. Does anyone care to share the most important settings they use? I'm most interested in fill type config, but anything would be helpful at this stage. thx
  3. Something tells me that offer is only good if you trade through the IBKR direct servers. PRT does not offer this outside the EU.
  4. Does anyone know how the mute user function works?
  5. From my understanding, the new release will link the bottom grid to the ticker you have selected on the computer screen.
  6. They are supposedly updating the Streamdeck feature where you would select a ticker and the buttons would all be locked to it. The existing design was made by a Forex guy I think so he was trading the same instruments all day, ok for that, but useless otherwise.
  7. It's fast enough, but the API is not great. But that's as much of a problem with IB then any other integrator. PRT has a direct server like DAS, but not available outside EU I think. So it's a great charting and scanning tool, but I will still use IB for order entries until I can have access tot he direct server.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but DAS doesn't get the BATS or NYSE OpenBook feed?
  9. I don't think the execution times are much different. My API orders showed filled in IB TWS before my finger left the key. The issue is the scary things that happen with IBs API. It has a well deserved reputation that is not good. I'm pretty sure DAS goes directly to IB, not MM. They have to go to some broker.
  10. I'm not aware of any other platform available in North America that has direct server to IB. In other words that would mean using API connection. You wanna go down that road? It's pretty crappy...
  11. brian shannon - technical analysis using multiple timeframes This book is highly regarded by most who have read it. Trend trading emphasis. Bollinger on Bollinger Essential for my style of trading, looking for reversals outside standard deviations...easy read and not too long.
  12. Interesting. CP uses DAS as it's platform, and it's that much worse than DAS with IB? ORBs are not really of interest to me, so that's not such an issue though. They have a two week trial at least, so I can see how it is without committing.
  13. IB has to go, it's terrible for short locates, and just f'n terrible at some really important things. Who's using Cobra or CenterPoint, and what's your opinion of them?
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