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  1. It's a bit different, older, but interesting. Look for a used copy or something cheap on the internet.
  2. I'm currently reading this book, which is based on Bollinger Band strategy https://www.amazon.ca/Dynamic-Technical-Analysis-Philippe-Cahen/dp/047189947X
  3. I was thinking TQQQ instead of SPY. Yeah, if you want to learn it that way, go for it. There are other ways to identify double tops too. Bollinger's book is an excellent resource to expand on Peter's system once you get comfortable with it.
  4. Spy trade is ok to me, although I though the derivative spy ticker was the way to trade intraday. I don't trade TSLA much, but that stop seems tight for the ATR. I hit $X today 3x on pullbacks, but that's the way it goes. I couldn't trade those charts without short term trend and Bollinger Bands...
  5. I've found the numbers to inconsistent to the point of being unreliable. The best answer I've gotten from a trading platform so far is that it's possible not to get every single order from every exchange in the database, in which case a H/L could be off...
  6. Just like the song says. Renko is now the way. I've subscribed to ProRealTime basic for the year, and we'll see how it goes. It's got some interesting features, including the ability to network live paper trading (paper for legal reasons I assume). So people in your network can see your trades live. Great scanners, although you can only program one with the basic package. Unlimited indicators any way you can imagine. At any rate, I think this will work, and by the end of the year, I hope to be live and green with this platform on a weekly basis.
  7. Yeah I did that. The problem was a bunch of extensions were combined into one icon that was shaped like a puzzle piece. Stupid as fuck idea by Chrome but there you go. All good now.
  8. I don't see the 'S' at the top of my Chrome page....
  9. Let me know what you think of it if you try it.
  10. Those symbols autopopulate when you fill in the correct code. The one you are looking at is for price. [Price]
  11. Good luck. I only run these scanners against my own custom symbol lists, so you might need to think about how to filter what you want to see.
  12. No problem for me to transfer money from my major Canadian bank to IB. Takes a few days but gets there. I transferred cdn funds and changed to USD in ibkr because it's cheap as dirt.
  13. IBKR is not commission free.
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