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  1. Thanks for the reply. What I was referring to was the data feed, IBKR has a lot of options. But actually, since the original post, I've been seriously reevaluating if I need DAS at all. One minute ORB and scalping as a primary exit strategy won't be my game for a while, maybe ever. I may just use IBKR top of book feeds...
  2. Here's my current list of LOH/HOD tickers that I'll adjust as I see fit. The two alert windows on the right are my main triggers, and have voice alert. The main page above is general info that I'm evaluating for usefulness.
  3. Main screen, my scanners are the block of 16 anchored lower left corner:
  4. Just need the R4 through S4 (U0-U8), but keep the Uxx the same, or you'll need to change them in the scanners.
  5. Just getting this up quick to share, will elaborate later. Running most scanners against a small list of high $ stocks. This is a four screen layout, not sure how it will load, try it. https://www.trade-ideas.com/Cloud.html?code=d2676e9684f6bd4e0ccd7ab3211b6987 MAJOR EDIT: TI won't copy my custom formulas, so you'll need to enter these by hand. Uploading now.
  6. Also, set the don't repeat. I use 5 minutes. And feel free to use your own favorite symbols. I'll be fine tuning the list for sure if I see stocks that perform better or worse.
  7. https://www.trade-ideas.com/Cloud.html?code=39c1bae64c0eb3ba68c47ece806f806f I think that will load them. I'm still playing with the Position in Range percentage for lead time purpose, but happy so far. Also not %100 sure of what the Suddenness value represents, gotta ask about that. When I say better, I guess that's my opinion. Some people may want all those other tickers. I found it so scattershot as not to be useful. This allowed focus and was killer at both LOD/HOD today.
  8. I find that scanner less than optimal. It throws out way to much info. I changed the theory, and run it against a 20 stock list of high dollar tickers. Works way better. Only use it after 11:30, when I set my HOD/LOD horizontal lines.
  9. It's just a 32 key version, lots of images on google
  10. I love my Streamdeck, but it's certainly not the only game in town. My Corsair k95 Platinum keyboard is pretty impressive for hotkey execution.
  11. Is there a topic that lays out the recommended risk control settings for DAS? Or would anyone care to share screen shot of their settings? Want to make sure I don't miss something, I think this page is the set up: https://dastrader.com/docs/risk-control/
  12. Tagged for interest, as I plan to trade under my own corporation.
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