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  1. Hi Brashy & Jaimie - welcome to the AZ BBT club! All the best in your trading journey. From my side the update is that I went live in Jan this year using CMEG after 6 months of SIM paper trading. Tried for couple of months, lost quarter of my capital (luckily had started small) and quit day trading in March. Instead have been trying my hand at swing trading, still trying to hone my strategy with it. Biggest lesson in my live trading journey - whatever you do, have a stop loss!!
  2. Hi guys- Mike B will be in Phoenix on Aug 7th & is hosting a get together - location still to be decided, probably somewhere close to Scottsdale or Desert Ridge Mall, he is staying at the Westin Kierland Resort. Looking forward to meeting up & connecting!
  3. Hi Mike, Further up north (close to Kierland) is Blue Martini - nice place for a small gathering. There are a whole bunch of decent beer places at Desert Ridge Mall - Yard House, BJ's, Thirsty Lion, Whining Pig....lot of options. Even Kierland has a lot of decent options for hanging out, you can check them out here. https://www.marriott.com/hotels/fact-sheet/travel/phxws-the-westin-kierland-resort-and-spa/
  4. I think it was just a bad break. In hindsight you could have bailed out at the 2nd lower high candle after entry. Looks like you stuck to your play book which is good.
  5. That information should be there on the IBKR website, I remember it is lower than most of the other firms - I pay fidelity @7.5 to 8.5% interest on margin money depending on the amount.
  6. Was there a volume spike when the price went up? That’s a strong correlation that there is a demand vs it being a weak push upwards/downwards?
  7. Hi all! Mike has posted that he will be in AZ on Aug 7th and is inviting all for happy hour. Anyone interested can Use this link to RSVP or just search for Phoenix on forum & you can find it. https://bearbulltraders.lt.acemlna.com/Prod/link-tracker?redirectUrl=aHR0cHMlM0ElMkYlMkZmb3J1bXMuYmVhcmJ1bGx0cmFkZXJzLmNvbSUyRnRvcGljJTJGMzAwNi1waG9lbml4LWF4LW1lZXR1cC1hdWd1c3QtN3RoJTJG&a=66163922&account=bearbulltraders.activehosted.com&email=VwOM8ZLzozOJ1ZotD9CPiIvy7T5YEJ8ohjC9vauJg30%3D&s=458a7db9657eaaa5f208362c31f542a6&i=995A1889A2A8865
  8. Hi Mike- I’m in Phoenix too, which area are you staying? If you’re in Scottsdale we can find someplace close by.
  9. Hi Guys, Sorry, I wont be able to join today. Got some stuff to take care from my day job. I pulled the plug on day trading & closed my CMEG account. Am inclined towards giving Swing Trading a try, Brian has his weekly take and suggestions and I have also joined the 4 week free trial of Swing Trader - will see how it goes. BBT membership is always going to be there so lets see. You guys have fun!
  10. James - we have a club (AZ Club) where JJ and myself are members, if you can add yourself that would be great. Have everyone under 1 spot for easier reach.
  11. Hi James/JJ; I'll try to make it on 3/11 too - though I am taking a break from live trading to regroup & rethink my next step. Thur is a working day for me so I'm not 100% sure I can get out for a couple of hours, it's a long drive from my place in Ahwatukee. Thanks, Upendra
  12. Hi Jason, Hope it's going well for you with Aiman, let me know how that's going in terms of improving your skills - thought it must be costing you some?? I had a week off and restarted today. Hit daily loss target and stopped. Trying to discipline myself and avoid another hulk day. All the best!
  13. Hi, Started trading live from Feb. Anyone else in Phoenix/Tuscon or in AZ who has gone live? Took an account with CMEG to start testing the waters with 5k capital. Love to hear from you about your experience so far.
  14. Hi Jason - started trading live on CMEG.

    All my commissions are 50cents, I guess its because I am using very small share sizes - max is 150.

    Do I have to change the Route setting in my hot keys? I copied from SIM which used the SMRTL route. Thanks for your help!

  15. Do I need to change the Hotkeys? I had copied them from the SIM which used SMRTL
  16. Hi JK - honestly Level 2 is tough for me to follow, it zips by too fast for me to make any strategy off it. What I'm doing is mainly opening range breakouts for first 15-30 minutes and then look for reversals off VWAP or low/high of the day. ABCD patterns (both upside and downside) seem to be more recognizable. I'm trying to validate price movement with the volume so as to avoid pulling the trigger too early if it's just a pull back.
  17. Pretty lousy week...finished 30 days of SIM trading and things don't seem to be improving. This week did away with the target of having daily profit/loss goal, just tried to learn how to pick a strategy and execute it. Another area of improvement was to try and limit per trade loss to 25$, assuming a 5000 bankroll and 0.5% per trade loss target. Did a better job of that limit. Need to improve the RR ratio, right now it reverse 2R, lose twice as much as gain.....also need to make win ratio higher, it's hovering around 50% mark. Hope you guys had a better week. Take care & stay safe!
  18. Hi fellow traders - welcome to the club! Abiel has enabled the discussion board, please feel free to use it as per your needs.
  19. Quote

    Hi Jeremy - welcome to the club! Trying to figure out how to post on our AZ club...I became a lifetime member in Aug, still long way to go - plan to be on SIM for 6 months. I live in Ahwatukee, where r u?


    1. jeremyjohnolson


      Hi!  I am in North Pheonix, 67th AVE and Happy Valley area.  I have been trading off and on for the past year, but just starting to get serious about learning to day trade.

    2. Upendra


      All the best! Let me know if you want to discuss anything, though I'm still at a very basic level as far as trading knowledge is concerned.

    3. jeremyjohnolson


      Thanks!  Will do!  I am very busy with tax returns right now.  I am a tax director at a public company and tax returns are coming due soon.  Trying to find time to further my stock trading skills at the same time!

  20. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for joining, I tried posting something but couldnt find a way....will ask one of the moderators.

    Have a great weekend!


  21. David - please join the AZ Club, Abiel fixed it and now the link's reactivated.



    1. David Wallace

      David Wallace

      I'm not sure how to find it. I searched Arizona in the forums and it didn't pop up. - David

    2. David Wallace

      David Wallace

      Nevermind, I found it.

    3. Upendra


      Thanks for joining Dave, let's see if we can get together on Zoom. I found one more person who lives in Ahwatukee, will try to see if I can reach out to her.

      Have a great weekend!


  22. We should form a Phoenix local chapter
  23. Hello everyone! I'm Upendra, living in Phoenix since 2007. Just became a lifetime member about a month back. I've been in the IT industry for long time now, currently in a business development role with a local IT company. Family of 4, wife & 2 sons, elder son is studying CS here in ASU, Phoenix and younger one is in 8th grade. I got into trading quite late, only after the commissions were eliminated. Due to the covid WFH had time & started dabbling with day trading, swing trading just based on gut instincts and some tips from online articles & another friend who is a regular investor. Made some & lost some, decided to make an effort to learn about trading. Andrew's book was the catalyst to make me believe that it was doable and the right way to find out was to try on the SIM and see for myself. Like some of you guys, tried Ross Warrior Trader, he is good but compared to BBT, I found it to be a 1 man show and the low float/low price stocks were too volatile for a beginner like me. After the 2 week trial on both BBT & Warrior Trader I opted to join BBT and am glad that I did. For now I'm trading on DAS SIM, with modest goal of trying to first stay green consistently, then make $50/day, then $100/day - after that start live trading. Lucky to have got couple of fellow new Life Time members who joined me as a small group and we are trying to help and learn from each other. Whether or not I make the grade to become a full time day trader it has been a fun journey so far & its great to see so many people like me trying to make it to the next level. Take care & stay safe! Upendra
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