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  1. From CMEG: Please be advised that there were some changes to the Route name on the platform. The LAMP/SMART route has been replaced by LAMPOST/PDQ route. If you have any other questions, please call us at 833-445-9086 or send an email to clientservices@cmelitegroup.com.
  2. On Monday Oct. 20, I received a message on my trading platform from CMEG that said the normal LIMIT route is under maintenance and to use ARCAL until the maintenance is complete. What they didn't mention is that trading using that route will prevent the user from getting the BBT discounted commission rate. I took a few trades, made only 75 and paid 98 in commission. Since I partial in and out of trades, I got killed. I would have never traded at 3.95x2 per trade if I knew that was the case. I wrote an email back to CMEG to let them know I didn't appreciate that and don't feel I can trust them any longer. According to their message, it seemed like they were trying to improve my trading experience, but taking away a discounted route and offering only a full price one without informing me was wrong in my opinion. Be careful.
  3. Hi, This is a great hotkey script. Thank you so much Kyle. Anybody know what modifications to the script posted under the YouTube vid by A-Dog we need to make to get this to work with CMEG's LAMP route? I'm assuming I would change SMRTL to LIMIT as the route and DAY+ to DAY. Thanks for any help.
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