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  1. Hey Olivier , I was wondering if you still looking for an accountability partner , I am interested in looking for one too, a little about my trading journey , I started trading part-time in 2017 , because I was working full time , then in 2020 , I transitioned to trading full time but I still do run another business during the daytime , I am really passionate about trading because I like the freedom it brings to my family , being a husband and father of 3 , my trading style is mostly scalping breakouts and breakdowns for stocks in play or stocks with high RVOL , I need accountability with my discipline especially increasing my share with no merit and not following my trading rules , I will interested in a call/ text/ what up which ever is convenient for us after the trading session to analyze our trading decision . thanks let me know
  2. I am tired of getting stopped out, what do i do ? I mostly scalp at the open i have a high win rate with stocks with tight spread less than 10 cents but with stock of 10 cent to 20 cents spread i get stopped out. I use a 30 cents stop on tight spread and wider spread. Should i stop trading stocks with wider spreads or just use larger stops , my win rate with wider spreads is not as high as stocks with tight spreads . thanks
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