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  1. If you have enough capital to pass the PDT rule is CMEG still a potential choice as a broker due to their 6:1 leverage? Would like to hear anyone's thoughts and experience on this. Would you stay state side with a more secure broker (IB) at 2:1 leverage or have more buying power with a broker like CMEG?
  2. I can't find anyone complaining about this issue, but I certainly am (to CMEG). According to the Das user manual, TIF Day is for market hours only while DAY+ covers market plus extended trading hours (i.e., premarket and after hours). That is both logical and how every broker I've ever used applied TIF. But CMEG applies Das TIF as such: Day for premarket and market, Day+ for after hours. That is illogical and wrong. It means needing a duplicate set of hotkeys depending on when you're trading. (What's more, I don't even think CMEG's description of how their TIF works is correct; I use Day+ during regular market hours all the time...and am almost certain I've had to switch to Day to close out a trade AH...it's almost as if they've got the TIFs backwards). Anyway, I'm trying to get CMEG to contact Das and fix this problem. Just wanted to let anyone else know who's as frustrated as I.
  3. Hola BBT! Estoy empezando, llevo apenas entre 2 a 3 meses en simulador, pienso que ya es hora de moverme a lo real. Estoy considerando CMEG como mi broker, quisiera saber las opinones de quienes lo usan al respecto, si han tenido alguna dificultad, y si es posible, como hacer para transferir el dinero de una cuenta a CMEG. Mi cuenta/dinero esta en México, la verdad no tengo mucha experiencias internacionales, y no se si me estoy brincando algún paso, o que debo de considerar al transferir a CMEG, o capaz estoy diciendo algo estúpido. En fin déjenme saber sus comentarios sobre CMEG y si tienen alguna guía o idea de como transferir el dinero de MX a CMEG. les agradezco, saludos!! en el chat estoy como SomeGuy
  4. In Hong Kong we are not allowed to open reg T margin account for interactive broker, we can only open cash/portfolio margin account for IB ... so I searched and i find 2 other broker online ...do you guy have any comment about this 2 brokers? which one is better in your point of view? Speedtrader provide speedtrader pro how is it different from normal das pro? Thankyou guys
  5. Good day everyone! Can someone please explain what is Broker account minimum? I opened IBKR PRO cash account for swing and long-term investing but I am about worried about below information I found on their website. Since I will not be an active trader I will not ganerate a lot of commissions on monthly basis and I plan to start with only 10 000USD. How can they charge 3000USD maintenance fee as stated in below example? Initially I wanted to open IBKR Lite account but since I live in Poland, I am not eligible for such account. A USD 10,000 (or non-USD equivalent) up front deposit will be required that will be applied against commissions during the first 8 months. Time Period Required Minimum Commissions Examples (USD or non-USD equivalent) The first 8 months USD 10,000 (or non-USD equivalent) If total commissions paid during the first 8 months are less than the required minimum, the difference is paid as a maintenance fee. Example: USD 10,000 minimum - USD 7,000 commissions = USD 3,000 maintenance fee. Starting the 9th month USD 2,000 per month (or non-USD equivalent) If total commissions paid during any month after the first 8 months are less than the monthly minimum, the difference is paid as a maintenance fee. Example: USD 2,000 minimum - USD 1,400 commissions = USD 600 maintenance fee. Thank you in advance. Serhiy
  6. Hi All, When I decided to go live, I went with CMEG due to its low commission and no PDT rule as many of you may have. We went back and forth, set up my account and as soon as I wired my initial funds I had absolutely no reply. Its been over two months now and nothing is happening. I am so frustrated because with this. Check out this email chain. And despite more than 10 attempts I have no reply. I am now trying to close my account....and still no reply. What the HECK.
  7. Hello (awesome) Bear Bull Traders! As one of your newest lifetime members, I'm in the process of shifting my $50K trading account into the best possible broker for me and would love to obtain advice on what home base should be for my trading account! Reading in this forum posts such as this post, I was saddened to hear that the Interactive Brokers usually very reasonable commission can easily double due to various 'fees' that IB needs to pay its partners to route your order. (I currently have an IB account but not I'm not so sure if it's optimal for me) I understand that IB has fixed and tiered pricing structure, somewhat making the decision more complex... Could you recommend the best between the three given my trading pattern: - I intend to invest mostly in stocks between $5 to $75 with the 'sweet spot' around $35. - I'll be staying away from low float < $10 stocks until I'm consistently profitable with mid-float stocks. - I expect most transactions will be around $20K-$40K so around 1,000 to 3,000 shares per transaction. - To start I'll probably do about 5-10 transaction a day every day but I also want to try my hand at semi-automated scraping so that might go up to 20-40 trades per day. Which of the three do you think is best for me? (SpeedTrader, CenterPoint securities, IB fixed, IB tiered) Thanks for the awesomeness! Jean-Pierre
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