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  1. Really ? I will need to check next week, thanks for the reminder! i got an ASUS one and after inspecting the specs on their web it seems they did have 4/5 ports. Maybe i missed one display port when i check my GPU previously. Many thanks for helping me to save extra few hundred bucks!
  2. Yeah you are right... i got a typo... i am planning to update it to 4 monitors instead of 3.... the d6000 is more expensive than a 4port GPU but my mother board only support 1 gpu and i got a 1080 TI that i didnt plan to replace yet! so d6000/ other docks would be a better choice for me !
  3. Thanks Justin! so both will work on desktops right?maybe I will get the WD19TB for better experience !
  4. Hi BBT fam! i am currently using my high-spec gaming desktop for day trading, however my display card only have 3 ports for display( 2 hdmi and 1 display port). I am planning to upgrade my trading station from 2 monitors to 3 monitors, but I am not planning to buy another pc or another display card.... when I go through BBT’s hardware page I saw the dell universal dock and I notice that it will work even for desktops! Anyone try that before, is it good enough? Are there any latency problem? is it good enough to have a d3000 rather than a d6000? sorry for all those questions, really appreciate any help in advance Edwin
  5. In Hong Kong we are not allowed to open reg T margin account for interactive broker, we can only open cash/portfolio margin account for IB ... so I searched and i find 2 other broker online ...do you guy have any comment about this 2 brokers? which one is better in your point of view? Speedtrader provide speedtrader pro how is it different from normal das pro? Thankyou guys
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