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  1. Hi Valentin, I found that you often discover important news catalyst, which even not mentioned in Carlo's pre-market show. What is your pre-market routine to acheive this? Ken
  2. @Christopher Patterson Thanks for long reply, your comments are always inspiring. To enlarge the search space, I have created a custom formula, ATR%, in trade-ideas and screened around 50 top rated stocks that look familar. Theme Symbol Name Price ATR % Float (M) Aerospace SPR Spirit Aerosystems Holdings, Inc 24.02 11 104 Aerospace BA Boeing 186.4 7.8 564 Aerospace SPCE Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. 16.12 7.4 175 Aerospace RTX Raytheon Technologies Corporation 62.46 4.7 863 Airlines and Cruiseline NCLH Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings 17.72 12.1 213 Airlines and Cruiseline AAL American Airlines Group, Inc 13.82 10.9 419 Airlines and Cruiseline CCL Carnival Corp 17.19 10.8 401 Airlines and Cruiseline UAL United Continental, Inc 36.97 9.9 246 Banks WFC Wells Fargo 25.86 5.4 4,087 Banks BAC Bank of America Corp 24.02 5 8,666 Banks JPM JP Morgan Chase & Co. 95.48 4.3 3,024 China GSX GSX Techedu Inc. 55.12 8.1 83 China IQ Iqiyi, Inc ADS 23.36 7.6 315 China PDD Pinduoduo, Inc ADS 84.51 6.3 588 China BILI Bilibili, Inc ADS 46.87 5.2 240 Energy OXY Occidental Petroleum Corp 18.48 8.6 899 Energy OKE ONEOK, Inc 33.62 8.4 412 Enterainment PLAY Dave & Busters Entertainment, Inc 14.01 12.9 30 Enterainment DKNG DraftKings Inc. - Class A 34.81 10.1 240 Enterainment PENN Penn National Gaming, Inc 32.95 9.5 116 Enterainment MGM MGM Resorts Intl 17.34 7.8 469 COVID-19 VXRT Vaxart, Inc 8.01 17.5 46 COVID-19 INO Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc 21.7 16.6 142 COVID-19 NVAX Novavax, Inc 77.77 9.6 58 COVID-19 MRNA Moderna, Inc. - Common Stock 59.68 6.9 272 COVID-19 DVAX Dynavax Technologies Corp 8.5 9.1 77 COVID-19 SRNE Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc 6.11 8 177 Others ENPH Enphase Energy, Inc 47.13 9.2 118 Others ACB Aurora Cannabis, Inc 12.7 7.1 109 Others BYND Beyond Meat, Inc. 148.72 7.1 57 Pandemic VIAC ViacomCBS, Inc 23.81 7.3 351 Pandemic ROKU Roku, Inc 119.5 6.2 101 Pandemic PTON Peloton Interactive, Inc. 57.97 5.7 176 Retail M Macy's, Inc 6.89 9.2 309 Retail GPS Gap, Inc 13.04 8.9 205 Social Media TWTR Twitter, Inc 30.86 4.5 767 Social Media SNAP Snap, Inc 23.76 4.3 863 Technology SQ Square, Inc 110.17 4.6 357 Technology AMD Advanced Micro Devices, Inc 52.28 4.4 1,164 Technology MU Micron Tech, Inc 50.62 4.3 1,106 Vehicles WKHS Workhorse Group, Inc 14.68 12.4 70 Vehicles CAR Avis Budget Group, Inc 23.65 11.3 57 Vehicles PLUG Plug Power, Inc 8.58 8 320 Vehicles NIO NIO, Inc 7.86 7.6 754 Vehicles LYFT Lyft, Inc. 33.11 6.1 238 Vehicles UBER Uber Technologies, Inc. 30.76 5.2 1,249 Work From Home FSLY Fastly, Inc. 82.88 8 71 Work From Home CLDR Cloudera, Inc 12.63 7 255 Work From Home NET Cloudflare, Inc. 35.38 6.5 150 Work From Home WORK Slack Technologies, Inc. 30.66 6.1 396 Work From Home CRWD CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. 101.53 5.5 149 Work From Home ZM Zoom Video Communications, Inc. 251.25 4.2 165
  3. Hi Chris, Why don't you use Thinkorswim? What is the advantage of Ninjia Trader over TOS in charting?
  4. Hi Chris, May I ask you a question? I can understand risk management, I can understand setups. But most of the time I cannot find the right stock and the right moment to trade in real time. I think the golden period for entry is less than 1 minute, and we have to attend to it at least 5 minutes before and stare closely at it. Very often, I pay too much attention on a stock that finally fail. Then I start to browse other stocks for trade and sadly find that I have missed many opportunities. Even worse, I browse around 10 stocks and still cannot find a setup I recognise, then I don’t know what to do during the day. So the question is how can you search for the proper stock like $PLUG, and execute at the right moment? And how do you spend your time to prepare for a trade during the session?
  5. @Christopher Patterson May I know what is ABCD type 3? And does type 1 just mean bull flag?
  6. I see your tecnique is good, most of the entries breakout soon or later. Maybe you started with a regret trade on GPS that messes up your psychology.
  7. Aiman talked about triangle yesterday. It's amazing.
  8. Yes, I did happen to me, whenever I clicked the right side of the chart. Now I force myself click the left side of the chart.
  9. Hi Valentin, I see you trade a lot descending / ascending triangle breakout, but it loses due to slippage and false breakouts. Wouldn't it be better to enter when the legs are forming with reversal patterns and set the stop loss to previous leg, then wait for the breakout? Just my 2 cents.
  10. @Eric DAS has a bug in the SwitchTWnd command, which would randomly ignore its following commands, like setting the share size. Not too many people issue the SwitchTWnd command before the sending orders, so this bug is not well recognized in this community. You can easily verify this bug with the following scripts. You'll find the share size is not changed 100% of the times in the Montage window. SwitchTWnd;Share=Pos*0.5 I think you can try to claim your losses from DAS. Good luck!
  11. Sorry for your story. It seems that DAS has a bug in its SwitchTWnd command. I have reported it in previous post, but seems it's not attended enough.
  12. Yes, definitely a bug there. You can try the following script with focus in a chart window. SwitchTWnd;Share=Pos*0.5 The SwitchTWnd is a dangerous command. It will ignore its following commands randomly.
  13. I setup a hotkey to sell 25% of my position with the following scripts. SwitchTWnd;Route=LIMIT;TIF=DAY+;Price=Ask;TIF=DAY+;Share=Pos*0.25;SELL=Send Sometimes, DAS sells all of my stocks in live trading, which I did not intent to. I tought it was my mistake. Today, I verfied that DAS will occasionally (about 1 out of 10 times) sell all of my stocks with this script in sim trading. As I didn't see someone else reported this problem, I doubt it was due to SwitchTWnd command, which intents to switch focus to the Montage before the other commands. Here are some additional information. DAS Pro ver. OrderServer ping 250ms QuoteServer1 ping 248ms
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