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  1. Interactive Brokers has an API that I use every day for portfolio automation. I did not write that code myself, but I find it very useful. That being said, I have repeatedly seen glitches from trying to make bracket orders directly from IB's menus, but never without bracket orders, or if a 3rd party API service is managing the API requests. In general, it has high quality fills at a very fast speed. IB also has some anti-slippage algorithms that I find very useful, and that, unlike bracket orders, are safe to use directly from the menu: MidPrice and AdaptiveAlgo (MKT). There is also a panic button option where you can cancel all orders and positions, whether in sim, live, or both. And in my opinion, IB has the best candlesticks, with the option to use as much magnification as 5-second candles, which is something that I personally find makes the opening less overwhelming by slowing down perceptual time a bit, while also telling a story that a bouncing candle cannot. But the biggest reason I would say to use IB is that they have an entire advanced course that they offer to members on how to use python to automate financial derivatives with their API. You might be uninterested in options or futures, but you should find all the basics right there. TD Ameritrade has some kind of API but I am in the process of running away from them screaming for giving me slow low-quality fills that would probably make Robinhood look good. Best charting platform on the market but do no recommend for live day trading money, unless it's 100% academic like you say, but I have no experience with their API so I don't know about that. Another option to consider is TradeStation would be because they have their own API language/community with a marketplace where you can buy API programs that will most generally automate options trading for you. But I do not trust them because, like TD Ameritrade, they like to offer free trade promotions, but the fine print says you would instead have to pay if you want direct access. If just academic, that doesn't matter, but I personally would not want to invest myself in something that I would not want to end up having as a system that can handle real money -- outside of school.
  2. Hey Anne, a bit of a mind trip, but when I was reading your rule, "Not calculating R:R which leads to gambling and relying on instincts and hope instead of technical levels", I recalled this same exact trade at the same exact time interval. In other words, I also played $MNK on this ORB and it turned into a shark bite, especially since I made it much worse by pressing too hard, failing to overcompensate for the rest of the day. It's just a $3 stock and it looked like the candle didn't even move, and yet my P&L put me way out of bounds for what I let myself lose on a trade. Indeed, $3 stocks need REALLY small positions sizes.
  3. Yes. The stop will appear in the order menu if I hit SEND or show up in the montage if I use Load, but it will be at whatever price is sitting in the montage unless I use Load and change it. Specifically, I have been trouble getting traditional stop-loss orders to work in the simulation, but as someone in that chat noted that this is not entirely unusual for the DAS simulator to do that. Also, I noticed it was routing my stops in the order window to SMAT instead of STOP, even though I had STOP in the montage and/or the hotkey. Apparently, this is normal too. Fortunately, trailing stops seem to be working for me in the DAS sim. I'm just trying to prepare for the contest and don't have my live IB account fully onboarded with DAS. Eventually, I will be able to report back on whether these problems are still an issue whenever they are finished with my live account, and will be able to test some DAS stops with small positions. A live account (with small positions) might be where we need to test some of the more elusive configurations like Range stops. By the way, you had some great observations in the chat today (unless that was someone else), such as FB going down at the end. Very happy I joined this site. Cheers.
  4. That link is still broken for me. I cannot get stop losses to work on DAS Trader at all. The example in this thread will not override whatever value is in the Montage. But even if I manually enter a value using "Load" then the stop will not exit the order once that price is reached. So for now I guess mental stops it is but I'd really like to get this to work.
  5. Hello, I think I am having the same problem as David. No matter what I program a stop to be in the hotkeys in DAS Trader Pro (Using Simulator), the value entered in on the price field in the montage will override it.There will be a green sign above the montage showing a correctly-calculated stop price, but then it will just execute whatever was already in the field for the price from the montage. This means that if I have a hotkey for one stop to StopPrice=AvgCost-3.00 and one at StopPrice=AvgCost-0.50, that they both will be for the same amount, which is whatever was in the montage's GUI field for the price. My current attempt at a stop-loss is this standard example from Robert H, only tinkering with the StopPrice amount so that a correctly-priced stop would stand out. Market order for a buy at -$3.00 stop-loss (same issue whether SELL = Send or Load): ROUTE=STOP; StopType=Market; StopPrice=AvgCost-3.00; Share=Pos; TIF=Day+; SELL=Load;
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