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  1. Day 127 - Jul 14, 2020 22 Tickets 3 Symbols Red Day Personal: Goals for the day: Adjust and focus on new exit strategy, 100% on New Report Card Watch list: Trades INO (1) - Long - ABCD (Did not follow my game plan, Deserved loss) Was watching INO break out and then pull in on low volume, with bottom wicks - took it long off the big bid at 27.6 which held a few times. Wanted it to come down to 27.4 VWAP and previous day level but didn’t get the pull back that far as 27.6 bid held (600 lots). Broke through and stopped me out. Improvement: Didn’t follow my game plan - If I waited for proper entry, I wouldn’t have taken the trade. Deserved loss. WFC (1) - Short - ABCD Reverse (A Setup) Major sell off and tried to push at the open - started to move back up to VWAP and looked like rejected with indecision candles, saw it hammer through the bids at 23.7 and took it as it broke down throuhg PML and also major daily level. Tight stop, but not enough confirmation. Saw the big red volume at 9:41 and thought we would see continued selling after rejection. SPY made recovery to green - and looks like WFC getting bought back up. Needed to be more patient. 5min showing strength. SPY getting hammered but WFC holding. Don't like this - should be exiting on this anomaly. Good: Happy with this entry, selling confirmed, waited off VWAP and PML and Daily level. Morining session not great. No patience, jumping in at times where I KNOW i am not profitable at. Have 2 trades left will be looking for my bread and butter setups - triangles. INO (2) - Short - Descending Triangle (A+ Setup) Took INO short as it was breaking down at major level, LOD and PDC with selling pressure. Big bid at 25.5. Got my 1R limit partial and then consolidated at LOD. Don’t like it and want to take some off to lock in profits…but there is no need as we still look weak and buyers keep getting stuffed. Selling pressure is still there even tho SPY Is bouncing back. Got out on break of uptrend, rest out for Breakeven, SPU turning and clear bottom and hold at 24.64 level Good: Good entry, happy with the setup. Major level, weakness on the tape, selling pressure. WFC (2) - Long - Asymmetrical Triangle Took it long on the INITIAL spike through triangle - absolute rookie move, didn’t take look at Lvl 2, 5min chart, volume wasn’t anywhere near breakout vol……seemed like it was just a test to see if there was any buying power. Took half off as we came back down, fake breakout and the rest off below 23.8 - brutal trade. Improvement: No patience, this was weak, 5 min didn’t even breakout and volume is around avg. With such an extended stop, you can expect a big move up, but volume HAS to confirm. INO (3) - Short - Asymmetrical Triangle Break (Poor Execution, -1 Poor Trade management ) INO was putting in consolidation around PML and PDC, forming a triangle and looking weak. Took it on a delayed entry (way too late) as it broke down, the right entry would have been break of 25.45, stop is WAY too wide. 25.91 - risking above the huge offers (couple thousand lots between 25.88 - 26). Improvement: Terrible executions - Figure out your RR and do a calc before just jumping in. This is brutal. Triangle has broken down, if it comes back up above previous pivot then technical setup is no longer valid - FOLLOW GAME PLAN. Trading Plan Entry: 24.45 break of previous pivot low (2/3 candle out of triangle) with a stop above previous pivot high at 25.71). IF played properly, would have had 1R and 2R hit, and then stopped out on the final partial ending up in a winning trade. MRNA - Long - Asymmetrical Triangle (Secondary Watchlist) MRNA on secondary watch, but came across it as it was pushing up to the apex and matched up on all time frames. Good sized offer sitting at 75, ended up trying to time it but caught it late as it hit that level and broke out on major volume. Fakebfreakout on next candle, held thinking this thing could rip to HOD. Pennies away from my first partial, but rejected and broke down hard stopping me out. Improvement: Hindsight - Lots of topping tails signaling a reversal, on heavy selling pressure. Should have taken partial off. INO (4) - Short - Descending Triangle (Did not follow my game plan, Deserved loss) INO looking short - was biased here with selling coming in heavy on selling side, and upper wicks on lower highs being formed. Initially was a descending triangle, and tried to take it near resistance, but then turned into a falling wedge (bullish) with HUGE bids at 25.5 and 25.48, dropped and then shot up. This will probably rally now. In hindsight clear limit player dropping and reclaiming bid showing sign of strength….. Improvement: Not in game plan to start shorting at top - freestyling….also was ignoring the fact that it turned into a falling wedge potential to spike up. (3rd pic = hindsight pic) Trade Ideas 9:34 - NIO potential ABCD short but don’t like the wick on 5 min. 9:35 - this is better ABCD but 5min and 2 min are not weak at all (Loser) 9:34 - WFC break of 23.67, descending ish, also a big bid that broke (Loser) 9:50 - WFC - this would be the entry if it breaks consolidation after confirming rejection off VWAP. Entry 23.6 break stop 23.8 (Loser) 10:03 - NIO looking like potentials Asymmetrical triangle below VWAP could squeeze with the bottoming tails. Above 13.2 pop but not an A+ setup. (No Entry) 10:12 - NIO was looking for a short, out of this asymmetrical. Everything setup nicely confirming the failed bounce 12.75 break for entry, 12.93 stop. (Loser) 10:33 - UAL looking like ascending triangle, all buying on the 5 min. Would like to see little more consolidation right above 32 (Loser) 10:57 - BNTX I like it for a 5/15 min Reverse ABCD but would be better if it was right aty VWAP (Loser) 11:00 JPM setting up for descending triangle 11:04 JPM broke but waiting to see a retest of 98 level - consolidated a bit tand then broke at 11:11 was looking to take it but didn’t like the slow consolidation - seems like its not moving today..although that was the descending I NEED TO TAKE (1.9R = Small Winner / Breakeven) 11:04 - WFC popped outside of 24 should be a long but no conviction. Maybe on retest (Loser) 11:15 - JPM Failed pop right at PDC risking the pivot high around 97.7 (No Entry - Not in gameplan) 11:18 - INO setting up for ascending breakout from mirror level 25.77 below VWAP though - don’t want to takel ong below VWAP - also 15min looks super bearish WAY too much offers to upside. 500 at 25.90, 500 at 25.94 200 lots at .99 (this should have been a short entry - right on the failed breakout shooting star ) (No Entry - Not in Gameplan) 11:24 - NVAX Ascending triangle throug 106 could squeece (Just over 1.2R - Breakeven) 11:32 - INO late on the short, but if it comes back up to 25.76 and rejected short risking VWAP at 26 want it to get up to VWAP and reject for confirmation (Winner ~3R) Trade Review Goal 1: Hotkey Limit Orders (Entry, Profit, Stop): 5/7 = 71% Rough day today, but upon review it was manageable. 2 trades were great setups and I would take them anytime. 2 Trades I did not follow game plan and got deserved loss. 1 of the trades shuold have been a winner, but poor execution. Change from the last 2 weeks as I have had quite a bit more trades and felt a little more "On Edge" today…. Also have double my R per trade (2x) with same max loss, so what used to be a max loss took considerably more trades. Its part of the game, know my mistakes and today I just was not patient and disciplined enough. Learning from these. Noticed I was trading more today, even after the fact that i pointed out I wasnt on my game. Maybe thats a sign to take a breather, and shut screens down for the day or atleast a few hours. Also my trade ideas were terrible: 13 Ideas, 1 winner, 7 losers..... Things I did well: Things I did poorly: No patience on entry, R/R calc before trade, Early and Late entries (no confidence) Daily Report Card 1. Hotkey Limit Orders (Auto Calc Entry, Profit, Stop and Adjust only in front of Major Level, and on Major Reversal Candle) = 5/7 = 71%
  2. OTC!! Welcome my man, Journals looking good and your killing it!! Love the market and sector Analysis on your prep, and love the grading system you have on your overall play - working on implementing a similar thing. Are you basing this off specific criteria or more of a "feel" kind of thing?
  3. Day 125 - Jul 10, 2020 15 Tickets 3 Symbols Green Day Personal: Morning routine completed, well rested and feeling good, ready for the week. Goals for the day: Adjust and focus on new exit strategy, 100% on New Report Card Watch list: Trades WKHS - Short - Descending Triangle (Too wide of a stop) WKHS forming a triangle right at PDH with selling pressure coming in. Only thing I don't like is SPY pushing up and EV sector is strong but took it short as selling escalated. Had the drop, got my planned partial at 1R, then fake breakdown hammer on volume - should have gotten out. Adjusted to stop just above high pivot - as planned-ish (supposed to move to B/E) and ended up getting stopped out,. Good: Volume and major level validation - happy with that. Improvement: Stop too wide - did not follow my rule of 1min Pivot point - would have been a 2.3R ( 2 partials and a W vs being a break even trade) NIO (1) - Long - VWAP Break N Go (Sub: Ascending Triangle) (Lvl 2 - Offers lifted) NIO came up to VWAP and consolidated there for a bit with big offers at 15.95 and 16 - broke through on high volume took it long as the 15.95 offer lifted expecting a pop to HOD for a squeeze as it has a decent short float and has been running lately. TSLA and EV's are hot and breaking out but SPY is a little weak. NIO (2) - Short - Descending Triangle (Lvl 2: Huge Bid Dropping) Missed the 15.72 breakdown at PDH, but looking weak, took it as it broke down through triangle and was trying to break through HUG BID at 15.5 (Premature entry in anticipation) Stop was too wide. Went in my favor but only got 1R partial due to wide stop and then stopped out on the rest. Good: A little late on the entry, but took a trade that has shown to be highly profitable. Improvement: Engulfing on above average volume could be sign to exit and re-asses. NETE - Short - Descending Triangle (-1 Poor Trade Management - panic profits) Selling off hard, forming a few bases for base of the triangle. Broke through LOD but stop was too wide, waited and took it on the second break allowing for much tighter stop. Was extended to downside, but Idea was for it to close the gap. Action was a little slow, but worked out perfectly - only mishap was my poor trade management. Good: Good patience on waiting for a retest / better entry. Improvement: Poor trade management - felt really choppy and indecisive. Looking back at int now was very clean downward trend. Trade Ideas 9:40 - BNTX Shorty Minor Descending Triangle - wasn’t clean but it was right at PML level. Look for potential ABCD is this drops hard (Loser) 10:11 - WKHS short rejection off breakdown level that level, don’t like it but stats show I should be getting in here. (Loser) 10:14 - BNTX setting up for asymmetrical triangle (Winner ~7.5R) 10:21 - NIO descending triangle, but held the big bids at 15.55 and 15.5 - if it drops then go in (No Entry) 10:30 - BNTX ascending triangle, fake breakdown, break of 80…huge rip instantly - right idea, no conviction (Hindsight - this is a perfect fake breakdown and then retest) (Winner ~5R) 10:35 - NETE descending triangle. (1.09R = Breakeven) 11:32 - NIO VWAP Break n Go out of asymmetrical triangle, 15.8 drop entry with 15.95 stop (Right Idea, but Loser) 11:55 - VXRT asymmetrical triangle (Brenden called it out in chatroom) liked the setup, but R/R didn’t seem great 1R to HOD. 10.25ish entry 9.98 stop? (Winner ~12R) 12:24 - NETE starting to breakout - not sure the play here (No Entry) 12:33 - NIO minor descending at 15.72, just missed the entry, will take it once it comes back up and retests. (Winner ~11.4R) 13:57 - NIO descending triangle breaking down LOD, way too much support the downside. Didn’t take it. (Winner ~5.4R) 14:02 - BNTX is looking like ascending but would like to see closer to the APEX consolidation for a 82 breakout (Loser) Trade Review Goal 1: Hotkey Limit Orders (Entry, Profit, Stop): FAIL Made a few changes over the weekend. Back tested a few exit strategies and stats are mind blowing. Almost ANY consistent trade management system would have out performed my current one as I was panic partialing all over the place. So implementing a 1/2/3R (not the best I know, but this will let me build up more stats and re-asses at a later date). Idea here a lot of my trades are hitting 1-1 and then stopping me out, so this will at least allow me to break even / cover costs while I master my entries and free roll adds. With this - I am implementing a New Daily Report Card - Hotkey Auto Calc for all my executions (Entry, Stop loss, Profits). Today 3/4 stocks hit 1R and then stopped me out, the last one went 2R and figures that’s the one I ended up adjusting on…Failed for that. Overall was a good trading day, just didn’t have the greatest follow through, plus took a little bit too much of a wide stop which could have allowed me to Things I did well: Followed game plan, playing major levels Things I did poorly: Trade Management on NETE, stops were too wide (WKHS) Daily Report Card 1. Hotkey Limit Orders (Auto Calc Entry, Profit, Stop and Adjust only in front of Major Level, and on Major Reversal Candle) = 3/4 = 75%
  4. Hey man, that would be awesome I would love to see what you have and would be more than happy to share mine as well....although my stuff is ALL over the place haha.... (email: [email protected]). I have ran my own backtest based on my past 2.5 months and have played around with different exit strategies. Turns out almost ANY Consistent strategy would have done better than my real results so defintley shaking some things up on my Trade Management side. I like the idea of consistency on smaller targets, and although not a very sexy R/R plan - my stats show with my historic trades a 1/2/3R partial system would have done quite well. Not the best, but will definitley be a big boost. Idea here is similar to yours, will be looking for more consistency and leaving a 10/20% on until an exit signal such as major topping / bottoming vol or major daily level and so on......from there probably re-visit once I am a little more experienced and my Win/Rate or (Potential) R/R increases. Hey Ken - I usually just browse through a few headlines to see if there is any MAJOR news to see whats "In Play". I like CNBC because it has a pretty concise outline every morning which ends up being a 5min read (Google: "CNBC stocks making the biggest moves premarket") although marketwatch, seeking alpha, bloomberg could work as well. From there I go to FINVIZ (highly recommend it) which is great for additional news, scans, charts and has all the stats I look at in order to get an idea of the stock in play.
  5. Day 125 - Jul 10, 2020 6 Tickets 2 Symbols Red Day Personal: Rough night and morning, wasnt going to trade....ended up taking it very slow - didnt have a good "feel" for price action today. Goals for the day: Watch list: Trades BYND - Long - Ascending triangle breakout BYND setting up for a nice move longer time frame - with spy Moving back up. Breakout happened quick and took it as it broke through that level on large vol - then did a full retracement forming a shooting stat doji so I took half off as planned. Plan was to leave the rest on to 1.5 and 2R, panicked and took another partial at 1.5R as it started to look weak with topping tails. Rest out just below B/E at breakout point. SPCE - Long - Asymmetrical Triangle SPCE tight consolidation at PDC, and VPoC and Apex of triangle. Like my entry on SPCE but a little early, would be better to let it consolidate confirm the hold, and then breakout. Idea here is break of asymmetrical triangle, extreme short float and has been hot lately. Took it as it broke the tight consolidation high above PDC looking for a spike into HOD. SPY not moving in my favour, consolidated above that level and then broke down presenting a nice short out of the triangle. Good: Had solid validation on vol, and at major level Improvement: Better to wait for the confirmation hold above the level, and look to get in on 2nd breakout. Trade Ideas 10:08 - BYND asymmetrical triangle break through VWAP at 134. Not a great stop level. But 15min looking great (Breakeven / Small winner) 10:10 - WBA Asymmetrical triangle / ABCD stop 39.18 entry 39.35ish (Winner 4.9R) 10:15 - BYND VWAP Break n Go entry 134 again, just don’t like the fake breakout and sell off couple mins before. (Winner 2.5R) 10:17 - VXRT potential descending triangle not sure which level I would take it at….7.9 break? 8.05 stop? Too wide. And 32% RVOL….. (Winner ~2R) 10:20 - NKLA Ascending triangle saw it way to late…but a retest could work at 53.5 or maybe VWAP (currently at 54.2) (No Entry) 10:23 - WKHS asymmetrical triangle, no bias. Break below VWAP for short, break above PDC for long. 10:26 looking like a long here. Lots of size on offer at 16, watch that level. 10:37 WKHS fake breakout out long side and collected stops - thinking this will breakdown. Not a clean setup, would like to see it break down, rest VWAP./ Low vol so easier to manipulate (Break Even / Loser) 10:49 - NKLA looks like it wants to pop on low vol pullback entry would be 54.3ish, stop below 54 (No Entry) 10:51 - SPCE VWAP BnG, perfect setup, entry would be 18.86 but I missed it, noted it in chat…just didn’t take it. Stop 18.77 (Winner ~2.4R) 11:25 - WBA break of 39.9 would be the aggressive entry - not super clean and lots of resistance above. Stop 39.69? (No Entry) 11:31 - NIO Descending triangle 14.7, thinking of waiting for a retest tho. Stop 14.91 too much support below, PDH, PDC and ditn drop far enough for retest to count (Right idea but Loser) 11:36 - BYND potential descending triangle, not super clean but right at VWAP could see a nice drop (No Entry) 12:10 - WBA clear seller at 39.9 limit player (Not sure what I was looking for here, short against this level would have worked - but no entry) 13:01 - SQ - Thor called, but I like this as a descending triangle. Not super clean, could be nice if 125 level breaks (No Entry) 13:50 - NIO - Minor descending triangle at mirror level 14.75 - waiting to see if it breaks after a fake breakdown (No Entry - held the level) 15:50 - NIO Ascending triangle 15 break (Loser) Trade Review Goal 1: Playbook Setups Only = PASS Goal 2: No Adjusting = PASS Wasn’t going to trade today, rough night and morning. After doing research wanted to just watch the markets and how they were behaving. Didn’t feel like the setups I trade had much follow through and was going to hold off. Ended up getting into 2 trades, which I was happy with. Entry could have been better on both, but that’s in hindsight. Overall happy with my decision through trading day even though it didn’t go as planned. Things I did well: Patience Things I did poorly: Chased a bit on entry, but both were breakouts so it happens. Daily Report Card 1.Playbook Setups Only (ABCD, VWAP Break N Go, Triangles looking to add 1-2 more) = 2/2 = 100% 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets (No adjusting) = 2/2 = 100%
  6. Day 124 - Jul 9, 2020 22 Tickets 4 Symbols Green Day Personal: Got to screens 5:45 after completing morning routine, felt good, on point. Goals for the day: Report Card 100% (1-2 more weeks until its habit) Watch list: Trades WBA - Short - ABCD Sold off at the open on high vol, tried to come back up and rejected off VWAP and PML, took it short as it broke back down under VWAP (Better entry would be wait for candle to form and take on 1min low). Target LOD. Covered into LOD - good, but then panic covered and took more off……. Holding the rest for 39 big bid (panicked out another partial), and potential flush to close gap into the 38s. SPY weak as well. Consoolidated just under 39 and formed a Descending Triangle - took a free roll add on breakdown, covered into drop and then again thinking could be potential bottom. Good: Great patience waiting for VWAP - wanted to short the dojis but followed game plan and instead of getting stopped out got a nice winner. Also happy with the free roll. Improvement: Trade Management - exit strategy Note: Free Roll add on descending triangle break (10% of shares left) BBBY - Short - Descending Triangle / Asymmetrical Triangle ish Break of the 8.2 level on volume, took it short but had to lighten position as I didn’t put a great stop in place….adjusted above HUGE offers above 8.38. Fake breakdown dropped and rebounded taking me out. Improvement: Super high short float - 58% !!!!, knew this going in…profit taking will occur driving the price up on such an extended drop. Should not be in here. Deserved loss NIO - Ascending Triangle Retest NIO Broke out a little too quick from ascending triangle for me to get in on it. Pulled back on low vol, and ended up taking as it broke out from wedge on increased volume. Covered into Previous high and again in front of 14 level - lots of size on the ask (1200 lots +). Adjusted stop loss to breakeven, was initially putting it right under .75 level - would have held and then moved up for max of 6R….. Good: Great patience on the entry, not chasing it and getting in too early. Very happy with that. Improvement: Need to have a strict rule for adjusting after partials. Right now I have a loose rule and have regret after the trade….if it’s a strict rule backed by stats then I will be much better off. NVAX - Short - Descending Triangle Level has held multiple times, with selling pressure coming in. With descending triangle setting up on daily as well as intraday - idea was This thing could tank to LOD+, ended up playing EXACLTY like yesterdays NVAX Descending triangle. Was actually hesitant getting in due to low RVOL (50%) and price action was very choppy - maybe I micro managed a little too much - looking at it now, looks like a clean drop all the way through….ended up taking profits into 95.5 which has held for last 2 days and is holding back from a gap fill. Good: Great entry as per plan Improvement: Big idea was if we drop 95.5 this thing would flush and try to close the gap….got trigger happy and didn’t let my idea play out. FOLLOW YOUR FKNG GAME PLAN……. Trade Ideas 9:40 - NIO descending triangle. A little to early into the day wasn’t clean enough (Loser) 9:50 - BBBY losing it, 8.2 entry on the loss of that bid, and stop above 8.5ish (No Entry) 10:08 - JD Reverse ABCD - secondary, not sure how it trades….. (Winner 3R) 10:26 - VXRT descending triangle break saw it at 8.23 right before break, didn’t have conviction. Wait for this to come back up reject VWAP and breakout point and break down again. (Also 3 bar play on the 5min - clean) (Winner ~2.7R) 10:29 - JD setting up for descending triangle (Great setup, but stop pivot WAY too wide = 1R winner = Breakeven / Loser ) 10:40 - NIO looking interesting below VWAP. Potential VWAP Break and Go at PM level. Entry 13.6 break with stop above 13.7- not taking because really extended (Winner ~2.3R) 10:42 - TWTR Asymmetrical triangle break. Stop above VWAP? (Winner ~2.8R) 11:07 - WBA asymmetrical triangle / bear wedge..dont want to enter as its extended and moves sooooooo slow. 11:18 breaking, stop would be above 38.5 as SPY is tanking (1.9R Max = Minor Winner / Breakeven) 11:22 - NIO Unbiased asymmetrical triangle (Potential to be a huge winner, but too hard to say on entry and stop loss, but had the right idea) 11:43 - WBA breaking LOD and major level at 38 target is 37.6 and 36.7 - TONES of selling volume. (No entry - didn’t break 38) 12:20 - NVAX Ascending triangle at VWAP. Cant break it, if it does could see a nice pop (Want to see a break and retest) (Loser) 13:13 - NVAX looks like a clear limit player around 98.6 (No Entry) 14:25 - WBA potential asymmetrical triangle break. Lots of resistance above and selling on the 1min looks hevy (Loser) 14:29 - NVAX longer time frame assymetrical - also LONGER time frame descending. Would like a short on break of triangle and confirming on failed pop. (Winner ~11R) 15:28 - NVAX Retest and rejection entry 95.12 stop 95.65. Not great at end of day, but SPY tanking, and broke MAJOR support, lots of room to run on the downside. (Loser) Trade Review Goal 1: Playbook Setups Only = PASS Goal 2: No Adjusting = PASS Good day today. Felt on point had 3 close to perfect entry's based on my game plan - have been very disciplined and selective lately, love it. Consistent theme now that I am facing is challenges with partialing. Thinking I just need to Set and Forget…..stats show that a lot of my setups are going above 2R, will be doing some back testing this weekend in order to come up with a plan that is SIMPLE and EASY to follow….this will reduce my micro managing, and at the same time make me more profitable. Then once I am more experienced I can work on discretionary / complex partialsing system. Things I did well: Patience, entries on point! Things I did poorly: Zero Patience on the exit - PANIC PARTIALS…….. Daily Report Card 1.Playbook Setups Only (ABCD, VWAP Break N Go, Triangles looking to add 1-2 more) = 4/4 = 100% 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets (No adjusting) = 4/4 = 100%
  7. Day 123 - Jul 8, 2020 11 Tickets 2 Symbols Green Day Personal: Super tired in the morning, decided to sleep in a bit (good decision). Came to screens to 6:00 and finished market prep for 6:40 - ready to go, and energized Goals for the day: Playbook 100% Watch list: Trades WKHS (1) - Long - ABCD / Asymmetrical Triangle Came back on low vol and looks like holding above VWAP at 17.5 previous high level forming a potential ABCD (and a minor descending triangle right at that level….). Took it long as it spiked up stop below VWAP. Wasn’t watching SPY at all. Note: Entry 17.73, stop 17.34 = 17.34 0.49c Improvement: Broke rule didn’t wait for VWAP and ABCD already happened at 9:45 this was forcing trying to make up a pattern, and wasn’t paying attention to SPY at all. Deserved loss. WKHS (2) - Short - Descending Triangle (Lvl 2 Bids Decrementing) Saw the 17 bid decrementing (1000 lots to 600 to 100) and as soon as I clicked to get ahead of it already tanked…could have gotten the 17 but wanted confirmation. Went straight to PDC as expected providing support. Huge slippage - just because I didn’t want to take the trade and trust my gut on Lvl 2……. Good: Good job noticing opportunity on lvl 2 Improvement: Trust your gut - had playbook setup, volume validation and clear sign on lvl 2 - NEED TO TAKE IT Note: Entry 16.85, stop 17.22 (adjusted to 17.05 - if it comes back above this now its not worked. Was looking to adjust and take some off into 16.5 big bid. No reason…there is lots of selling and sector is dropping. NVAX - Short - Descending Triangle NVAX sold off all day and found support with hidden buyer around LOD at 98.7, noticed refreshing bid over and over, took it short as soon as the bid dropped, and offer stepped below 98.7 level. Instantly dropped and hit 98. Tried to recover but on weak buying power. Made its way back down to LOD and put in major volume on a hammer, took first partial in case it was bottoming. Took another partial in front of 97 bids and again in front of 96 bids - initial target was 95.6 in front of PDL - should have just left it and waited for that to hit...... . Adjusted stop above 97 and got stopped out on final partial. Good: Great patience waiting for this and noticing the refreshing bids at 97. Improvement: Could be adding on the 2nd drop as it failed to pop back up. No need to be taking the 3rd partial (at 97 twice). Trade Ideas 9:51 - INO Asymmetrical triangle below VWAP - break above 23.12 (stop 22.79) or below 22.7 (stop 23.12) (Winner ~3.85R) 9:58 - NIO ABCD break above 14.8 entry, 14.39 stop. Target HOD 15.3 +. Didn’t like heavyish selling on the 1min. (1.3R = Breakeven / Loser) 10:05 - NKLA break of asymmetrical triangle break through 50 stop below 48.48 (too wide of a stop) and not a clean triangle. (Loser) 10:25 - NKLA still setting up for Asymmetrical - long only no short above VWAP (No Entry) 10:39 - INO break at 23.9 holding PMH and TFL. Stop would be 23.54 (No Setup = No Entry, Loser) 10:42 - WKHS Asymmetrical triangle, break above 17.55 would be a long. But NIO falling which is sector play (No Entry) 10:44 - NVAX just missed the descending triangle at 101.7 stop 102.55. Current Entry would be 101 (too far though). 10:49 Good entry right at that shooting star break….but didn’t take it, stop above 102.5 (Winner ~4.8R) 11:20 - INO minor descending triangle. Stop 23.26 entry 22.89. Target (Loser) 12:23 - WKHS minor descending triangle at the 16.65 level but don’t like the nearest pivot - 16.76 stop, 16.62 entry (Winner ~ 4.2R) 12:48 - INO mirror level, descending triangle into 23 don’t like it as its still at a higher low (Loser) 14:35 - NIO at PDC kind of descending triangle but not really….not in my setups 13.16 entry, 13.66 stop (Winner ~2.3R) 15:31 - NKLA saw this too late, but possible entry on a pullback to 53.5 to retest and breakout…Didn’t like the failed breakout on higher vol, and way to late in the day for me to trade it. (Winner ~2R) Trade Review Goal 1: Playbook Setups Only = PASS Goal 2: No Adjusting = PASS Another day which was decent, but should have been a lot better. 1 winner, 1 loser, 1 breakeven. The loser I didn’t follow the criteria for entry which shouldn’t have been taken. The breakeven was a good trade, but hesitated on the entry and got major slippage and then adjusted stop after 1R level was reached which should have been a 2R (5R if I got in on the initial signal), and the winner which I actually played pretty well other than the trade management. Feeling much better and much more confident, and although the urge for other setups is there I am doing quite a bit better job by holding off and not taking those trades. I think getting enough sleep has been a GAME CHANGE…now I would rather be 30-45 mins late to premarket prep (and start later) than get there early and be tired with low self control. Things I did well: Confirmation from Vol and Lvl 2. Things I did poorly: Waited a little too long - didn’t trust my gut on a perfect setup (WKHS Short). Not take all my setups (out of 12 trade ideas, 5 winners, 5 lowers with potential max of ~12 R) Daily Report Card 1.Playbook Setups Only (ABCD, VWAP Break N Go, Triangles looking to add 1-2 more) = 3/3 = 100% 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets (No adjusting) = 3/3 = 100%
  8. Day 122 - Jul 7 , 2020 14 Tickets 3 Symbols Green Day Personal: Was scattered didn’t know what I wanted to play. Lots looking good but didn’t have great confidence. Goals for the day: Playbook 100% Watch list: Very scattered as you can see.....need to pinpoint a bit better..also ened to do a SPY and full market scan of overall conditions. Trades UBER - Long - Ascending Triangle (Lvl 2 - Offer lifting) HUGE offer at 33, kept getting hit over and over, took it as it finally lifted. Partial into PDH. Looking for continuation here. SPY continuing UP and UBER is dropping. Otherwise I would be buying at the 33 retest. Good: Good job noticing levl 2 and the big volume breaking through Improvement: Stop was a little too wide, should be under previous pivot low - allowing to adjust stop to breakeven once 1.5R hit. ENDP - Short - ABCD Reverse Had a big sell off but still extended to the long side. Tried to come up back to VWAP butgot rejected by PML at 4 even and threw a few shooting star dojis on the 5. Wanted to wait for VWAP but made a lower high and took it short as it was looking to breakdown. Good: Using PML as a level Improvement: Panic covered way too much…stop, breathe, think about why your covering - no reason to be covering. Also could have used a tighter stop - but using the level works as well. Note: Did not follow my entry criteria - did not wait for VWAP INO - Long - Ascending Triangle Took INO long as we were hitting PMH over and over, finally broke and caught it as the Bids stepped above 22.6. Had a nice VWAP break, retest and hold on low volume - should be adding but it didn’t come down all the way to 22.6 so I didn’t take I - also wanted a little more consolidation, but think the quick wick and up is even better?…... Think this thing can run to HOD. Took some off Infront of HUGE offers at 22.91 (1500lots and 22.94 1500 lots). 2nd cover was off the shooting star reversal (ok) and then took more off thinking it’s a triple top as 23 is a big resistance (not great) then took some more off on upper wicks close to HOD…and then again as it looked like it ran out of steam…..then it ran up to 7.4R max…. Good: Using PMH as a level, Lvl 2 and volume validation Improvement: No need to panic, let it play out…if it works great, if not oh well….statistics have shown the edge. Trade Ideas 9:30 - WKHS - Wanted to short 15.50 breakdown. (No entry - not in game plan, 1R winner/breakeven) 9:40 - SQ ABCD into VWAP on lower volume pullback - didn’t like the indecision doiji though. Would prefer a slower consolidation. (Winner ~6.2R) 9:45 - WKHS 15.50 broke down, wait for a retest and short on the retest and failed (no Entry, but right idea) 9:47 - D ABCD at 72.5 stop below 72 - not liking the upper wicks… (Winner ~4.2R) 10:05 - INO descending triangle but not clean enough. Want a little more consolidation here 22.14 entry, 22.63 stop (1.4R move = Breakeven / Loser) 10:07 - NIO wait for a pop and reject 10.95 (No entry) 10:26 - NVAX minor descedning triangle. Wasn’t 3 touch, but nice break at 96.5 entry (No Entry - stop too wide) 10:29 - NIO ABCD off VWAP - didn’t like the major reversal volume on the 1 min and 5min, potential bottoming. (Loser) 11:28 - ENDP - Desecnding triangle, but too much support to the downside I think - broke down, could have entered at 3.77 but lots of support PDH is right there. Had a big bottoming vol and tail and then touched breakdown point to the penny….( Winner ~3R) 13:50 - NIO, thinking this has topped. 13.33 stop 13.61 (Not in Playbook, but if played would be Breakeven/minor winner at 1.9R Max) 14:27 - SQ potential Descending triangle - would like to see 126.2 testt 1 or 2 more times, and then come back aove VWAP for a tighter entry. Pivot point is too far for an entry or for a break and retest. Retest at but volume picked up…and not a clean level. Although it did have a nice double shooting star off 126.34 (No Entry) Trade Review Goal 1: Playbook Setups Only = PASS Goal 2: No Adjusting = PASS Today seemed like a good day…felt good on my entries, trades were taking at specific levels and I would take every single one of these trades again…but then I look at my trade management, and just think wtf….. Lately I have been looking into more and more statistics of specific setups, avg. winners, losers, W/L % and so on…and feel like I have really improved. But one thing I cannot get over is sticking to my exit strategy. Partially because I'm still bouncing between exit strategies (1- 30/40/30% at 2/3/4R or at 1.5/2/2.5R). I know it seems low, and I'm still working on it…feedback is welcome. "Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome". This is legit how I feel. I know what I need to do, just not doing it….once this report card turns to habit I will focus solely on trade management as it has proven to be very hard for me. Things I did well: Patience on entries, additional validation (Volume, Lvl 2, Levels) Things I did poorly: Trade management, panic profits…… Daily Report Card 1.Playbook Setups Only (ABCD, VWAP Break N Go, Triangles looking to add 1-2 more) = 3/3 = 100% 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets (No adjusting) = 3/3 = 100%
  9. Thanks bro! I would imagine it is Act Vol / Avg Vol at that relative time of day. As there are times where stocks start at 500% for example, and come down to 400% or even lower - so it must be relative to time of day. Still testing with different RVOLs and how it impacts the stocks trading, but have defintley noticed the ones with extrmeely high RVOL to be most volatile and provide the biggest runners = try to hold longer.....but still in the works. Would love more feedback if you have any stats! On the way!! will be up shortly
  10. Day 121 - Jul 3 , 2020 17 Tickets 4 Symbols Red Day Personal: Ready to go, market prep completed, little tired though to waited a little longer before placing trade. Goals for the day: Report Card = 100% Watchlist: RVOL at open: NIO: 650% UBER: 300% PLUG: 200% GNUS: 870% Trades PLUG - Long - Ascending Triangle (Lvl 2 offer lifting, Adjusted 1/2 according to plan) 10 offer was getting hid but wouldn’t break - clear seller there and buying didn’t seem that strong - visible that selling was over powering. Lots of resistance above 10-10.07 on Lvl 2 - decided to take it as the bids were decrementing quick on the offer thinking we could see a nice breakout. Fake breakout and heavy selling so I took half off, then stopped out on the rest. Improvement: Not a high conviction play - Didn’t like the heavy selling that kept happening when we got into 10. INO (1) - Long - Asymmetrical Triangle (Adjusted 1/2 according to plan) Was a watching it from previous Asymmetrical triangle off the double bottom. Looks like buying volume starting to come in - took on the break of 20.25 level which acted as resistance previously.. Double shooting star failed breakout so I took half off - bearish, also Looking like an ABCD on the 15min. Good: Followed exit strategy and exit on reversal candles. NIO - Long - Asymmetrical Triangle NIO Long on asymmetrical triangle above previous pivot high in anticipation of PMH to get taken out and then run up to HOD. Lots of resistance above. 11.90 has huge offers, 12 has huge offers (putting order in front of 12). Improvement: Offers above with that much size showed liquidity, but clearly started taking profits and driving price down. UBER - Short Descending Triangle UBER hitting 32.27 over and over, clear level. Took it as the bids were getting hit at that level, was looking for tighter entry but broke through quick on hevay volume and had some slippage. Broke down slightly just under 1R and then reversed stopped me out. Improvement: No validation with volume - 5 min is showing clear buying. INO (2) - Long - VWAP Break and Go Followed game plan on entry (5min) and then panicked once we rejected of 21.03 so ended up taking 2 partials instead of one just below 21. At 12:20 there was lots of bids 20.90 (500lots) 20.80 (500lots) that popped up acting as support - signal of strength, need to be putting risk back on. Ended up taking profits way too early ahead of targeted levels. 2nd/3rd partial are brutal - need to be waiting for specific levels or signals. Improvement: Didn’t follow my exit strategy = 3.2 R potential winner ended up being a 1R because of absolutely terrible trade management. FOCUS ON THE BIGGER MOVE. Trade Ideas (Potential Trades) Trade Ideas: 18 Winners: 5 Losers: 2 No Entry: 11 9:36 Watching NIO and UBER for ABCDs - just need a bigger retracement back to VWAP. (No Entry) 9:40 - LMND ABCD taking it off 78 breakout, didn’t like selling volume….. (Winner ~8R Max) 9:44 - INO - Potential Descending Triangle if 20.50 breaks stop 21.03ish - doesn’t look great, not a clear triangle but targt would be 18.35 (Breakeven / Small Winner at 1.4R) 9:55 - LMND - ascending triangle - didn’t get there in time to read this. Had it at 84 but stop is way too wide, 79.9 - no entry. 9:59 - PLUG 10 breakout ABCD ish? Too wide of a stop 9.84 thinking 10.07 will reject (took ascending triangle instead, was a loser) 10:07 - NIO liking this as descending triangle at 11.84 but above VWAP - no entry. I would like to see a VWAP Break and Go. (No Entry above VWAP) 10:11 - NIO VWAP Break and Go was looking to enter - but was to see a little more consolidation (Loser) 10:16 - SQ potential double top and exhaustion candle entry 127.4ish - Not in setups (Winner 7R Max) 10:23 - UBER Descending triangle, not liking the 5min decrease in volume though. Not a great entry either, need a little tighter pivot around 31.8 would like one more pop to 32 and reject (No Breakdown - No Entry) 10:33 - INO Asymmetrical triangle. (Winner 9.3R Max) 10:34 - NIO broke down trend, looking for it to come back to test VWAP and then break back above 11.83 (Loser) 11:32 - INO Ascending triangle, 20.5, would like to see it breakout and then retest - Missed the breakout first time. Had a good entry the 2nd time but didn’t take it. VWAP Break and Go and Ascending - would like to see a bigger breakout and then retest confirming the hold. (Trade Taken a little later - Winner) 13:23 - NIO reversal candle large vol. Right off PMH - now watch for VWAP break and go. (No entry on VWAP Break and Go) 13:30 - NIO UBER and INO all look long breaking from the downtrend (Don’t like UBER or INO due to selling vol) No Entries 13:50 - NIO descending triangle not super clean. But had the entry at 11.39 once it consolidated….Wanted it to come up a little higher and reject 11. 5 again. Entry 11.39 - stop 11.52. but I didn’t like the heavy bids below. (Winner 3.5R) 13:59 NIO came back to breakdown point, but nmot liking buying vol higher then selling. Entry would have been 11.39 again with stop 11.44 (Winner 10+ R on the add from above descending triangle) 14:21 - NIO - 11.07 entry on the reversal, HUGE volume (Winner 2.5R) Trade Review Goal 1: Playbook Setups Only = PASS Goal 2: No Adjusting = PASS Today was a mixed day. Noticed I wasn't on point earlier in morning so took it slower than usual = great. Then ended up taking all playbook setups, although some of them were very average - will be looking to implement a grading system A/B/C. Also starting to track my Trade Ideas (apart from actual trades taken). In order to see how my overall playbook ideas played out. Still working on this template, but its interesting as over the last couple of days stats show that I should be taking all my playbook setups....seems pretty obvious, but there's always something I don't like about this or that. Will continue tracking this to see how things play out. Goal is to be gain enough confidence to take them all over time, or weed out the B/C Playbook trades and stick with Only the A setups. Things I did well: Realize not on point and stop trading. Things I did poorly: Trade Management, Validation with Volume/Level 2 Daily Report Card 1.Playbook Setups Only (ABCD, VWAP Break N Go, Triangles looking to add 1-2 more) = 5/5 = 100% 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets (No adjusting) = 5/5 = 100%
  11. Ye big fan of DAS and IB...for active day traders seems like there is nothing better out there. Also love the ability to customize, and hotkeys/buttons have been a huge help. Would reccomend checking them out, they have been very helpful in my trading. You should be able to find them on most financial sites/brokers, however, I am bouncing between FinViz and on DAS (if you are with DAS there are 2 ways outlined below. The RVOL only starts calculating once market opens 9:30AM EST) ) 1. In Montage you can right click the field highlighted below, and choose between quite a few indicators. 2. Watch list: (Quotes -> Market Viewer . Then right click and Config and add RVOL to the right field) Let me know if you have troubles finding it and I can explain a bit more. Cheers
  12. Day 120 - Jul 2 , 2020 27 Tickets 2 Symbols Green Day Personal: Well rested, good premarket prep, ready to go. Goals for the day: Report Card = 100% Watchlist: RVOL at open: INO: 140% NIO: 680% BYND: 110% Trades INO (1) - Short - VWAP Break n Go Took INO short as we saw selling volume coming in, but I took it short right into PMH as support - idea was to short as it broke down, got in pre-mature as I was watching bid decrement thinking it was dropping. Note: looking like a potential ABCD is if makes higher low and then higher high. Improvement: Need to be more aware - look at 5min chart - shorting ta super extended move at around 50% retracement…. NIO - Short - Descending Triangle (1) and Add on Assymetrical Triangle (2) NIO looking weak and lost 8.97 level that held before, took it short (1) as bids were getting hit and offers stepped down. SPY Falling as well. Came back up to breakdown level - didn’t end up adding, didn’t like the buying vol. and the hammer so covered. HUGE offers at 9 (2600 lots), took more off as 9 broke ended up being close to 5000lots. Rest is on for original break at 9.11. Took an add as It broke down through asymmetrical triangle (2) -delayed as I was on the phone and distracted -Tried to get cover on drop but moved back up quick. Stopped out. Trade Management: Got scared, it touched my limit order at 8.81 and printed but I didn’t get filled. Soi chased up 1/4 and moved it up. Note: Entry 8.96, stop 9.09 (thinking I should have made it 9.09 above that doji wick. INO (2) - Failed Descending Triangle Chasing….as soon as I got int, realized I should have waited for a pullback to get tighter entry. Came right back to the breakout point and had a doji off - did not take it - I definitely should be adding here…..poor trade management. Improvement: Trade management - have to stop micro managing these trades. Need to come up with a better exit strategy INO (3) - Short - Descending Triangle 21.4 held to the penny on 5 min, then it got hit hard - wasn’t watching price action too closely as I was distracted on the phone. Took it short as it dropped that level, didn’t realize I was going short right into 5min 50MA….MRNA ended up getting some news on vaccine delay which could have had a helping hand. Ended up dropping right to PMH - took majority off and left the rest on until we broke longer time frame down trend. Improvement: Need to follow my game plan, took partials off and then we retested the breakdown level to the penny - stats show I should be adding here. Could have added some nice PnL here. INO (4) - Long - VWAP Break n Go Was watching, had the asymmetrical triangle breakout was still short so covered position - clean sign of strength. Should have flipped position right away. Ended up waiting for VWAP break on Vol. Seems that INO tends to strengthen into the close - shorts would want to cover positions before long weekend so could see a VWAP squeeze here. Got a minor squeeze - covered majory as it looked weak. Poor trade management Trade Ideas (Potential Trades) 9:49 - INO - ABCD but didn’t come back down to VWAP/PMH (No Entry - Criteria not met)9:52 - PFE Reverse ABCD if it come back down below VWAP on a strong reversal candle (No Entry) 9:54 - INO Bull pennant, look for some more tight consolidation (No Entry - Broke down) 9:56 - Thinking BYND ABCD (Winner ~5.5R Max) 10:11 - INO looking like a potential ABCD (Loser) 10:17 - JPM descending triangle. 94.3 level breakdown was on secondary… (Winner ~7R) 10:32 - INO break of 20.9 level, but doesn’t fit any strategies..trying to setup for Descending longer time frame (No Entry) 10:35 - BYND 3 bar play, entry on 140.75 break, stop above 141.77 (PDC to be safe) 10:38 - INO still in descending triangle, not liking the fake breakdown. But I would attack that short is it comes back down. (No Entry) 11:28 - BYND short on asymmetrical triangle - classic fake breakdown. (Loser) 12:23 - BYND asymmetrical triangle should be takin short as it did a fake out to the topside - but higher low, and above PDC offering support - don’t like it (Would be a winner, but No Entry - way too sloppy) 12:26 - INO was looking to go long break of 21.7 - Aiman held me back saying could be an ABCD (Thanks Aiman, also wasn’t any one of my setups……..) 13:27 BYND longer time frame asymmetrical - didn’t give me a definitive signal (No Entry) 13:27 - SPY looking to breakout from asymmetrical/ascending triangle (1.6Rish = Breakeven) 14:07 NIO Descending triangle - (No entry = Above VWAP) 14:19 - SPY was looking for 313.75 break out again from previous level (1.9R = Breakeven/ Small Winner) 15:35 - NIO ascending/asymmetrical triangle. This thing could take off - getting close to end of day….NO TRADE……..15:48 here comes the breakout and squeeze volume. 9.35 entry. 9.29 stop? (No entry due to stats showing im terrible into the close….but 8R Winner) Trade Review Goal 1: Playbook Setups Only = FAIL Goal 2: No Adjusting = PASS Solid day today with a few good trades. Mistakes were avoidable though - main loss was on over extended short, chasing the 3rd wire bar down (INO Trade 1). I think I did a great job trading price action. When it showed strength getting out and going long. Could have possible flipped positions a little earlier a few times, but was waiting for confirmation which is ok. Things I did well: Followed one stock closely and got a good feel for it., Not holding a bias - trading opportunities vs forcing ideas. Things I did poorly: Be more aware of longer time frame, trade management, stick to my stats (Enter on breakpoint retest) Daily Report Card 1.Playbook Setups Only (ABCD, VWAP Break N Go, Triangles looking to add 1-2 more) = 4/5 = 80% 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets (No adjusting) = 5/5 = 100%
  13. Love the $PLUG trade - picture perfect. Looks like 3+ touches to the penny, right at VWAP with volume validation. Beauty.
  14. Day 119 - Jul 1 , 2020 11 Tickets 2 Symbols Green Day Personal: Canada Day today..wasn't rested at all, up late....ended up sleeping in. Got to screens late, but did all research and market prep - was not rushed. Accepted fact i was late and was fine with it - much clearer mind set. Goals for the day: Report Card = 100% Watchlist: RVOL at open: Trades BYND - Short - Asymmetrical Triangle BYND Forming tight consolidation just below VWAP, tried to push through but rejected VWAP and VPoC and broke through lower trend so I took it short. Stop above VWAP (pivot high - but too wide) Look for LOD+. Broke down but SPY is strong and has a positive catalyst - will see what happens. Looking to take some off into 144.5 PM Level and then hold on to the rest. Didn’t like the 5min hammers and break of downtrend so took the rest off. Ended up hitting right at PM Level I exited first time and then dropped another 6 points. Good: Good read, perfect asymmetrical triangle here with rejection off VWAP and a shakeout candle right before the drop. FDX (1) - Short - Descending Triangle (LOD Break) Was looking weak coming down forming a descending triangle just above 158. Took it short as it broke down, although 158 didn’t act as much resistance… Ended up taking half off right away on fake breakdown doji (In game plan) and got stopped out for the rest. Good: Following game plan Improvement: SPY moving up - was not playing with market. Note: 12:18 - FDX setting up a descending triangle. Would like to see another rejection at 159 and then come back down for the break. - Did not follow my own plan, took a loss because of it. FDX (2 ^ Above) - Short - Descending Triangle (LOD Break) Trying it again on the drop - didn’t like the wide bar - but selling coming in and thinking we could see a run for rest of the day. Took some off into Premarket Mirror level, and then didn’t like the potential bottoming volume hammer doji so took some more off. Came down had some more increasing volume and doji right off 155.90 level - looked like holding so I covered some more - final partial was break of downtrend. As soon as I got out we put in a real nice reversal shooting star for potential short - but 5min buying is coming in - change of character. Good: God job sticking with this - overall was weak and I hit stock with what it presented me. Improvement: Look for a better entry here - stop was way too wide. Better entry would be break down, and reject around 13:10 - should be adding into this, as stats show re-test is a great entry. Trade Ideas (Potential Trades) 10:36 - INO - Long squeeze out of asymmetrical triangle (Winner : 2-3R) 10:44 - FDX - Bear Flag looking weak below VWAP. Thinking this will flush, target 158 (Winner : 4.5R) 11:06 - INO - looking like a bull flag VWAP Break and Go - too wicky to topside (Loser) 12:18 - FDX setting up a descending triangle. Would like to see another rejection at 159 and then come back down for the break. Took this trade…didn’t wait for rejection - came up to touch 159 to the penny 12:33 - BYND setting up for ascending triangle off level I have marked (mirror) . (No Entry - Broke below previous low ) 12:33 - FDX testing downward trendline - will see what happens here. Would be more comfortable shorting this as it break again but will see. Wanting to go short at the top of trend - but know its better to wait. 159 showing some size (44 lots vs 1-5 lots other levels.) (Winner) 13:24 - INO Asymmetrical still holding. Also a Bear wedge with lots of bids at 20 - missed the 20 breakout would be chasing at 19.8 (Winner : 3-4R) 14:07 - INO Huge bid at 19 - 1000 lots. Not a great entry unless it consolidated there for a while and continues to hit that level. Broke right through within seconds (No entry) 15:15 - INO breaking out 20.20 level after holding MAs and putting in a Few hammers - 20.20 entry 19.87 stop (Loser) 15:37 - BYND asymmetrical short below 141.6 and long above 142.5 (Loser, but no Entry - no trading in last 30min - stats are terrible into close) Trade Review Goal 1: Playbook Setups Only = PASS Goal 2: No Adjusting = PASS Wasn’t going to trade as It was Canada Day and wasn’t rested up. Got to screens late, but did all the prep and just started trading later in the morning. Ended up taking a few trades, happy with entries they matched majority of my criteria but stops were too wide - therefor got less shares to keep for the bigger move. Trade management is still the name of the game for me… NOTE: Have started keeping track of "Trade Ideas" for trades that I am thinking of taking, but don’t for one reason or another. If followed to game plan - would have had another 6R + on the day if they were taken. Will keep monitoring, with more detail that way I can see WHY I didn’t take them when I should have…… Things I did well: Followed rules for when I wake up late - did full research and took my time getting into trades. Playbook Setups and Adjusting Stops Things I did poorly: Trade Management - should have been up an additional 2R if exit strategy was followed. Daily Report Card 1.Playbook Setups Only (ABCD, VWAP Break N Go, Triangles looking to add 1-2 more) = 3/3 = 100% 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets (No adjusting) = 3/3 = 100%
  15. Thanks Tom - ye that INO is close to perfect setup for me. Mutli Touch to the penny, breakding VWAP and on the backside of a daily parabolic. I am in and out of SIM, have in been in SIM for last little while trying to get my edge figured out. Have been struggling with my trade management and sticking to rules. Has been a little better latley - 2nd week sticking to rules,, will need 1 more solid week and then ill be back live. How about you?
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